How to Recover Damaged, Stolen or Lost Emirates ID

An Emirates Id is the primary identification card for the identification of all people living in the UAE. It is a personal database of every resident in the UAE, which a resident or expat must carry all the time. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) issues this card with the help of the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA). You can get a new if you lost Emirates ID. You can also Track your new ID by performing Emirates ID Status check for your new application.

Each Emirates ID card contains a 15-digit identity number and an electronic chip that stores all the information about you, such as your photo, name, father’s name, date of birth, etc. 

So, if you are planning to come and work in any of the seven states of UAE, you should first have to get an Emirates IDEmirates ID can use it for transactions, paying bills, paying fines, registering vehicles, and much more.

How to Recover your Lost Emirates ID?

If you have lost a UAE ID card or suspect that it has been stolen or damaged, you will soon need to ask the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity (ICA) to replace the UAE ID card. Once the application is successfully submitted for Lost Emirates ID, you can track it by performing emirates ID status check.

Here are the steps to apply for a new UAE ID card:

Report the Incident of Lost Emirates ID

Contact the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Center and report the incident to deactivate the stolen or lost card immediately. Ask the ICA to verify the ID number or a copy of the missing ID if you do not have that ID. In case of bad cards, bring old cards with you. When reporting an incident, remember to bring your credentials to prove your identity.

(1)- Firstly, Citizens of the United Arab Emirates must bring a valid passport and family book.

(2)- Secondly, GCC citizens must provide a document to prove their residence in the UAE.

(3)- Thirdly, Immigrant residents must bring a stamp to their original passport with a mandatory residence permit.

(4)- In case of a child under the age of 15, the parents must provide the child’s original birth certificate along with a photo of his / her colored passport against a white background.

Apply for a new Emirates ID Card:

Also, After reporting the incident, fill out the application form at any ICA Customer Happiness Center or via the ICAU website or the e-forum on the ICAUAA app available on iTunes and Google Play.

Pay the fees for the new EID:

In addition to the application fee of AED 70 in an application through typing centers, in case of application through e-form on the ICA website, the applicant pays AED 300 to replace a lost or damaged ID. You can get Express ID change service at ICA Main’s Customer Happiness Center in addition to AED 150 Extra.

Type of Replacement and their fees:

Here is the type of Replacement and the fees that you need to pay for the replacement

  • For ID Replacement, fees is 300 AED
  • If you apply through a local Computer center, Fees will be 300 + 70 AED
  • Apply online through ICA Online form and the fees will be 300 + 40 AED
  • For URGENCY, Fee is 300 + 150 AED

Collecting your New Emirates ID:

However after applying, You will receive a text message from ICA regarding the status of the application submitted and the expected delivery date. The ID card replacement will be issued within 48 hours from the time of submission of the application.

Applicants for the express service will receive an ID card within 24 hours of submitting a replacement application. After receiving a message from the ICA regarding the availability of the card, contact Emirates Post to receive the card.

NOTE: Contact the toll-free number for any queries (Contact ICA center by toll-free number 300036005.)

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