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With over 800 brands and 100,000 goods under one roof, Emax UAE provides the most extensive collection of electronics in the UAE. This provides a diverse variety of products to meet your power needs. In addition to our extensive stock and facilities, this can provide your organization with timely deliveries and friendly service for all of your needs.

Videography, I.T., mobile phones, and communications company, items, Audio and imagination, household appliances, physical fitness, video games, gifting, care products, car electronic parts and transportation, home remedies, Audio and compact gamers, gadgets, videos and music, and security products are all available from the nomination brand.

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Additionally, Emax Electronics service center has been linked to creating the latest techniques in electric command and Management strategies in the Middle East over the last several years. In fact, we provide the globe with a one-stop shop for all electricity services while contributing at every step of the process, including honesty, enthusiasm, motivation, and innovation.

Emax UAE
Emax UAE

Also, it is this culture of innovation and excellence that has made us one of the most trusted and preferred brands in our field, both in the Mideast and worldwide. Although competing in a field dominated by global giants, our ability to be close to our consumers and adaptive to their needs has allowed us to punch above our weight.

Their business motto

We are happy to serve ourselves as a firm specializing in manufacturing and distributing electromagnetic, electrical, and industrial equipment. Emax provides a diverse choice of solutions to meet your electricity demands. Besides our enormous stock and location, we can provide your organization with supply and friendly staff for almost all of their needs.

In addition, we specialize in various electrical components such as inverters, stabilizers, generators, transmission lines, switchboards, moderate gadgets, propellers, motors, etc.

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Emax electronic service center, a renowned electrical goods manufacturer and service provider, serves its clients’ demands by offering a comprehensive line of great products, support employees, and professional services.

Furthermore, we are entirely devoted to assisting our customers at every level of their organization and any phase of the initiatives through concept and assistance through effective implementation.

What do they offer?

Integrated Automation provides complete generators and engine maintenance, replay, overhauling, and reconditioned services. Furthermore, we service AC/DC machines and turbines of any kind and type. Our crew strives to finish all fixes on schedule and maintain good communication across the procedure.

Engine and motors service

Integrated Control provides entire generation and engine repair, reload, maintenance, and remarketing services. Moreover, we service AC/DC engines and machines of all kinds and types.

Its in-house technical team handles efficiency testing and evaluation, and engine development. We specialize in diagnosing and resolving your technical problem on schedule, under cost, and specifications.

When does our skilled group of experts fix the electric engine or turbine, investigate the underlying problem, and give suggestions to avoid future interruptions? Our crew strives to finish all services on schedule and with a great degree of competence.

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Repair and rewind service

Additionally, we specialize in inverter maintenance for urban and business clients with capacitors certified up to 5,000kVA and 36kV. We provide unrivalled and dependable services.

They get a group of expert specialists who guarantee that the issue is corrected as soon as possible to offer faster and more effective operations. All generator rewinds use metal field winding (both H.V. and LV) to provide extra shielding or conditioning ducts as needed for a long repeat.


Emax Al Wahda Sharjah

Address: 4 “N 6 A Street-United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971 4 409 6600

Emax City Center Sharjah

Address: Sharjah City Center Ground Floor- Industrial Area-Al Sharjah –United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971 6 552 4595

Emax Electronics

Address: Al Wahda St-Al Majaz- Al Majaz 2- Sharjah- United Arab Emirates

Phone number: +971 50 462 2638

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Industrial Area # 1, Sharjah Landmark behind Max Boutique Zip Code 120010 city Sharjah

Contact us

+971 6 5394515, P.O. Box 120010

Map Location


 Emax electronics service center is one of the most prominent electronics selling outlets in the Emirates, and it has built its name by providing exceptional customer service. They not only have the most significant electronics services in the area, but they often have the best professional possibilities for job applicants.

Moreover, Electronic enthusiasts should know the services and other electronic parts available at the Emax electronics services center. You may explore their shops or browse their webpage to get an overview.

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