How to track Emirates ID Application Status

An Emirates Id is the primary identification card used for the identity of all people living in the UAE. It is a personal database of every resident in the UAE, which a resident or expat must carry all the time. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) issues this card with the help of the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA). Each Emirates ID card contains a 15-digit identity number and an electronic chip that stores all the information about you, such as your photo, name, father’s name, date of birth, etc. To Apply for an emirates ID, Click here to read our detailed article on it. Here in this article we will help you to track emirates ID and Emirates ID status that you have already applied.

Validity Period of Emirates ID

Emirates ID validation depends upon your origin of residency and your family tree:

(1)- If you are a UAE nationalist, Emirates ID will be valid from 5 to 10 years.

(2)- For GCC nationalists, the Emirates ID will be valid up to 5 years.

(3)- For expatriates, the Emirates ID valid till the expiry of Visa Validity as it is linked to the residency of Visa Validity.

How to track Emirates ID Application Status?

After submitting your Emirates ID application, you will receive a tracking number that will allow you to track your Emirates ID status on the EIDA website.

Upon completion, your ID card will be sent to the local post office near you. You will receive an update SMS from Emirates Post. Also, They will invite you to visit your local post office and get your UAE ID. Make sure you keep your passport and UAE ID form with you.

Also, The UAE Identity Authority has an excellent service that updates all applicants via text messages received on your mobile number, given in the application form submitted by you.

Process to track emirates ID:

The process to track Emirates ID status is mentioned below:

(1)- First of all, visit the ICA website by clicking on the below link on your mobile phone or pc.


(2)- Once you opened the website, click on the search bar and search “Application status.”

Note: It will be available below “QUICK LINKS.”

(3)- Now, click on the “Application Status” button. Once you did that, you will be redirected to a new page. Here further click on “Check” to track your application status.

(4)- Now, choose the type of your application. If it is for a new Emirates ID, then select “Application Number (PRAN),” and if the application is for renewal of previous Emirates ID, then choose “ID Number.” 

(5)- Once you choose your application type, add the tracking number in the required field and then click on check status. Your application status will be shown, and you will be acknowledged whether your application is in working or not.

NOTE: “With the help of this tracking number, you will check the status of your ID card so that you can talk to a representative and remember all the information you need for this process.

You will not be charged for track emirates ID status. You will get it in five days at most, but remember it will only be delivered on business days. If the applicant is confused about this process, the applicant can easily ask all the questions in his mind. Moreover, You can ask about the status of the Emirates ID card and the date of submission of the application form.

Collecting your new Emirates ID

Once your application is approved, you will get your Emirates ID in 5 working days from your nearest local post office.

You can get your ID card in 90 days. And between that period, it will last for about 90 days if you will not take your Emirates ID card within 90 days. Then beyond that period, it will be returned to the EIDA center, or the ID card will be discarded. EIDA Branches timing is mentioned in this article

However, If you cannot take your Emirates ID card from the post office, you have to apply for a new identity card.

In case, your ID is stolen or it is lost again, you can request a new one. Here is the detailed article on that.

Top 10 uses of the Emirates ID

You can use Emirates ID for following purposes

  • You can use it for employment purposes
  • For travel purposes
  • For electronic immigration
  • Voting in elections 
  • To have a bank account
  • To visit different states of the UAE
  • Car renewal at the immigration department.
  • To prevent fraud from various fraud systems.
  • For quick identification of a person
  • To legalize a person to live in the UAE

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