UAE Finally opens its door for Pakistani and Indian Residence Visa Holders

The worries of Emirati visa holders who have been stranded in Pakistan and India for many months have ended. However, the UAE government has allowed Residence Visa Holders stuck in six countries to return to UAE.

Countries Name

Here is the name of Six countries from where travelers can travel to UAE.

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Nepal
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Nigeria
  6. Uganda

Conditions for Travelers coming from these countries

From Thursday, August 5, visa holders from all six countries will come to UAE. However, Emirates allowed those people to return to the UAE who got their second dose of vaccine at least 14 days ago and is a Residence Visa Holders of UAE and Dubai Visa.

Expired resident visa permit holders will not be able to avail themselves of this facility. Travelers returning to the UAE must have a vaccination certificate issue by UAE. They also have to submit a PCR certificate not older than 72 hours ago. The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has announced that visa holders from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, and Uganda can return to UAE once they meet the vaccination requirements.


The authority further said that from August 5, the following categories of passengers from these six countries would also be allowed to return. Also, they will not be subject to the vaccine requirement. The following is a list of people in the Exceptions category:

  • People who are providing medical services in the UAE, including doctors, nurses, and technicians.
  • Employees working in the UAE’s education sector include universities, colleges, schools, and institutes.
  • People who are studying in the UAE.
  • Humanitarian people, having a valid UAE resident visa.
  • In addition, employees of UAE federal, local departments, government companies, and agencies can return to UAE from August 05, 2021.
  • Finally, participants in the management of Expo 2020 can enter in the Expo.

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