Emirates Driving School

Emirates driving institute has been operational since 1991, and it is the most successful emirates driving company in Dubai and the Middle East. More than 500,000 students get their license acquisition from Emirates driving school. It provides the acquisition of a driving license that can be used for 500 different vehicles categories includes LMV (light motor vehicle), light bus, heavy bus, heavy bus, motorcycles, and also forklift.

It has 500 skilled male and female instructors that guide the students. The best part about the instructors is that they come from different nationalities, so they can guide the students in their native language.

The driving methods taught in Emirates driving school are updated with the passage of time and also maintain the international standards of driving. The school also taught the driving instructors and technical staff to follow the syllabus that was administrated by Automobile Association Developments.

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Achievements and Awards received by Emirates Driving Company

Emirates driving school got the best driving school award in 2012 and also got an award in 2016 for being the best service provider. It is the first driving school in the world to get ISO accreditation since 1997. The main mission and the vision of Emirates driving school are to provide road safety awareness. They want to improve the driving experience by using the highest international standards and best practices.

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Driving Courses by Emirates Driving Institute

The driving course includes different types of driving. So, it’s fun you can choose from the course which driving fascinates you. It includes desert driving, defensive driving, and it also comes with refresher driving courses that are for the UAE residents to get their driving license. Another initiative that is one of the best for me is the first disabled driver training program in Dubai. It is especially for the people who are unable to drive using their foot pedals.

There are four different types of driving courses by Emirates Driving School.

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Car Driving License

You can easily choose the type of car driving license that you want. It can be chosen according to your lifestyle and availability. EDI (Emirates Driving Institute) provides regular and fixed-price courses. You can choose the one and start with it.

Gold Driving Course

For customers who wish for greater convenience, EDI is offering a Gold driving course that offers a fast-track training program. It is completely a dedicated course for the customers who want an extra comfortable and convenient environment.

Platinum Driving Course

Suppose you own a luxury car and want to learn to drive that is safe for you and your expensive car. Then, you need to get a Platinum driving course. It is specially designed for the customers to make them teach how to drive high-end luxury cars.

Youth Driving License

Youth Driving License is basically designed for University students. It will provide the proper road and driving guide to the new generation. It will also teach you the best speed limit practices that youth needs to understand.

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Why Emirates Driving School?

There are many driving institutes available in UAE, but why Emirates Driving School? Here are the main reasons for choosing Emirates Driving School to learn driving.

  • Emirates Driving institute will provide quality training by meeting all International standards.
  • They are said to be the leaders in the market.
  • They believe in understanding customer needs and deliver friendly and reliable service.
  • emirates driving school provides better road safety by train well-trained and skilled drivers on the roads.

Road Safety Maintenance Programs

Emirates Driving Institute provides road safety maintenance programs. They arrange it for a better understanding of road safety for the drivers and also for the pedestrians. The institute gives a lecture on road safety to children and also in different universities. These seminars are helpful in understanding the mission of an emirates driving school that is to provide skilled drivers on roads for minimum road accidents.

Special Offers by Emirates Driving School

Emirates Driving Company also provides some special offers for the citizens of UAE who own the Cards. It will provide discounts on training programs. 15% off for Fazaa, 40% off for Al SAADA, and 40% off for Asaad is available. A discount is available for the training classes for driving at emirates driving school. It is really helpful to the citizens of UAE to take the training program from the well-reputed institute.

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