Pre Requisite for Dubai Student Visa and how to apply for one

There are many Visa types available for Forigners. Any foreign national (excluding GCC members) who wants to study in the UAE must obtain a UAE student visa. However, before that, they must enroll in a higher education institution in the UAE, which handles the visa application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa Applications

If you are a good student with a good GPA, you can receive a UAE student visa with a 5-year certificate. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. For secondary school graduates: You must have at least a 95% grade in a public or private secondary school
  2. For University Graduates: You must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 from a university in or outside the UAE.

This type of UAE also allows the visa holder to bring dependency.

How to get UAE Student Visa?

Suppose you have been accepted to a higher education institution in the UAE. In that case, your school manages to obtain your UAE Student Visa from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – GDRFA ۔ To obtain a visa on your own, you must be recognized by a college or university.

Since the UAE Student Visa is a type of resident visa, your school can only be found when you arrive in the country. It means that for study purposes, you will need a first entry permit.

Apply for an Entry Permit

Depending on your country, you may need to obtain an entry permit before entering the UAE. Your school also sponsors your admission permit. They can apply through one of the following portals.

  1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  1. General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. GDRFA online (see website below) or in person. If your host makes a personal request, they should do so through one of the GDRFA’s licensed typing centers in each UAE or one of the Amir Centers in Dubai.
  2. GDRFA Dubai mobile apps for Apple and Android

Once you enter the country, your school has to arrange for you to get a student visa, also called a student residence visa.

Apply for the Student Visa

Your college or university applies for your UAE student visa at the relevant UAE GDRFA office where you will be staying. If your application is approved, the GDRFA will attach a resident visa to your passport, and you will receive a UAE ID, which will be valid for the duration of the visa.

When you apply for a student visa or UAE, you must meet several requirements and have documents supporting your application. It includes:

  1. Your passport, as well as several copies of your passport
  2. Numerous passport size photographs. You may need up to 12, so be prepared.
  3. Letter of acceptance to a university or college in the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Proof of financial solvency to cover your tuition fees and housing expenses
  5. A medical certificate issued by a government-approved health center in the UAE. All applicants over 18 must undergo medical examinations for HIV, TB, hepatitis B and C, leprosy, and syphilis.
  6. Proof of residencies, such as student residency or proof of tenancy
  7. If you are applying for a postgraduate program, include your previous university/college proof of certification.
  8. Keep in mind: Visa application requirements vary from one UAE to another and from one university to another. These are just the most important documents. It is ultimately your school that provides you with a complete list of all the required documents.

Validity this Visa type

In most cases, a student visa is issued for one year and can be renewed annually for the entire duration of your education. For Student Visa Renewal, you need confirmation from your school that you are still a student.

However, the UAE government introduced a new type of long-term resident visa issued to outstanding students. This type of visa is valid for five years.

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