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The GDRFA, or General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, is a government agency that regulates the entry and exit of international travelers from Dubai and the residence of foreign nationals in the city. In 2015, GDRFA Dubai met the needs of more than 48 million passengers and handled 65 million multi-category transactions. Also, Dubai is one of the world’s top ports and border directorates.

GDRFA provides services related to direct tourist and foreign travel in Dubai. Therefore, it plays an essential role in assisting and facilitating the entry and exit (clearance) of people moving to or residing in Dubai. In addition, it allows talented individuals to join organizations in the UAE and support their families in the country.

There is a lot of cooperation in the economic sector for tourists and professionals living in the UAE from abroad. Therefore, all of this would not be possible without highly efficient GDRFA Dubai services.

Moreover, over the years, the regulatory authority has reacted swiftly and swiftly. Furthermore, anyone can apply for online services through their GDRFA official website or visit any of their service centers.

Services of GDRFA Dubai

This application gives you access to the most needed services of Dubai Immigration.

As a Dubai citizen or resident sponsor, you can

  • Apply for a visit visa for your relatives
  • Use Smart Gates at the airport with the app if you are already registered for gates
  • Apply for residency for your family members (wife and children).
  • Apply for new accommodation for your family members (after they arrive in the UAE with a residence permit)
  • Renew residence permits for your family members
  • Transfer your residence to your new passport
  • Check the status of your residence and entry permit
  • Apply for refund of fee for refusal applications and refund of warranty for registration permits
  • Apply for cancellation of the resident for any sponsorship under your sponsorship
  • You can create a “Travel Status Report” and a list of people you sponsor. (“Sponsored and Sponsored Report”)

As a Dubai citizen, you can do extra

  • Request new or renew your UAE passport
  • As a tourist arriving in Dubai, you can
  • Extend your incoming visa

As a company registered in Dubai, you can:

  • View the list of people who sponsor your organization
  • They also Prepare sponsored and sponsored reports
  • You can also find Dubai Immigration (GDRFA) office locations if you need to.

Features of GDRFA

The GDRFA application provides a lot of features in every sector of life. Also, there are bundles of benefits of such features, including:

Family Data Book Services:

GDRFA maintains all family book services. To begin with, these include modification/services related to marriage or separation, adding a newborn to family data, replacing a damaged or lost book, cancel the registrations, and many other family data book services.

Dubai Passport Services:

GDRFA passport services include issuing a passport for a foreign wife (dependent husband), issuing an electronic visa, replacing a lost passport, and giving a passport for the newly born. In addition, passport renewals are part of their services.

Entry Permit Services:

The GDRFA entry permit services include residency entry permit applications, extension or revocation of visit visas, and short-term or long-term visit visa applications.

Residence Services:

GDRFA also provides residence services for expats, foreign visitors, and local citizens. Therefore, to issue a new visa, renew a passport or renew a residency permit, one must contact the GDRFA. Similarly, the addition or removal of escort services, change of status, transfer, and revocation of residence permit also occurs in GDRFA. Also, using the GDRFA portal, here’s how you can apply for a UAE visit visa as a GCC citizen.

Border Control Services:

All entries are monitored by land, air, or seaports and are registered by the GDRFA.

Establishment Support Services:

Establishment support services in the GDRFA include process requests in support agencies. These servers support any company’s electronic services portal, banning services as well as the services of enterprise representatives.

Violation Control Services:

The Violation Control Department has three main areas of focus. Firstly, it has a focus on Border Control. Furthermore, it sees through Violation Control (Documentation). Lastly, it also follows up all the Violators. Also, it ensures that the system is not misused and that everyone in Dubai follows the established legal procedures.

Mobile Servcies 150:

You can use this service to inquire about residence, entry permits, or overstay. Both individuals and organizations can use these services.

Jadeed Services:

It is an electronic “SMS BASED REMINDER” and “EVENT INVITATION” service. You can sign up for reminders about the following services:

  • Establishment card expiration reminder
  • Passport expiration reminder for UAE residents
  • A reminder of the expiration of the residence
  • GITEX Invitations
  • DSF invitations
  • Passport expiration reminder for UAE citizens
  • E-gate card expiration reminder
  • Security messages
  • A reminder of RSA token to the establishment
  • SMS messages from website
  • SMS messages from the web portal

IVR Services:

furthermore, through the IVR system, any establishment can request reports on the personalities they sponsor. However, currently, four types of information can be requested.

  1. Valid entry permit report
  2. Entry Permit Violator Report
  3. Accurate housing report
  4. Residence violator report

Buraq Services:

Using BURAQ Services, you can apply for any documents from the comfort of your home or office. Also, a member of the delivery team will submit all documents and fulfill all protocols. Once the form is ready, it will be delivered to the home or office.

Distinguished Guests Services:

It is an exceptional service for those who frequent Dubai through Kafeel. Also, more benefits include:

  1. Instead of traditional ways, An e-gate card allows a quick and easy entry and exit.
  2. Renew subscription instead of re-registration.
  3. Instead of issuing new visas all the time, you can use a payment facility.

Moreover, it has Specific gateways for DG (languages) and e-gate cardholders.


It is a data-sharing process between the GDRFA and the Dubai Health Authority to ensure no fraud.

Smart Gate:

It is a significantly faster alternative to e-gates and manual passport control counters. Furthermore, it allows travelers to go through the immigration process without the help of an immigration officer. Also, at SmartGate, travelers can use a passport, e-gate card, UAE ID, or QR barcode.

Location of GDRFA Service Center in Dubai

To avail of any of the above services, you can visit several GDRFA Service Centers in Dubai.


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