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A battle has been brewing on the internet for years now. Amazon uae is a titan of eCommerce, but Noon comes out swinging with some cool features that might just knock Amazon off its pedestal.

Noon was announced its partnership with the US-based online selling most famous platform, eBay. Noon has a very rough time in launching its services and getting all appropriately planned. It was observed that the customer services by Noon are much better than Noon is providing excellent customer service. It can also give a lack of variety, but its partnership with eBay changed it all. In this article, I am going to make a quick difference between Noon and amazone uae. This post will give you an overview of why Noon is so great and which one of these are better!

Delivery Comparison of amazon uae and noon

Let’s start with the differences in delivery between UAE and Noon. Noon staff is very professional, and they keenly observe the packaging and delivery of the specific product. The best part that I found about Noon is that they notify you that the delivery staff is on your way. It is easy to track it. The delivery period of Noon is shorter as compared to uae. staff is not professional in delivering the product. They will not provide the product invoice in the delivery box or wrap it correctly as Noon staff. In short, does not pay too much attention to product delivery.

Time Requirement of amazon uae shipping and noon

Everyone is curious to get the parcel as soon as possible. Noon staff is very fast in delivering the package. While on the other hand, Amazon UAE shipping takes a lot of time to deliver the product.

Relevant Search Results 

Noon provides the relevant searches that help find the exact product more efficiently. The search results of are bizarre. You can not the appropriate search product that is very annoying for a person like me.

Payment & Ordering Method 

As far payments are known, both are providing good services. They save home and address details automatically on both platforms, so it makes check out faster. You can easily choose the product and buy it in less time if already purchased from either Noon or

User Interface 

Again Noon wins here. As the user interface of Noon is spotless and easy to understand. And one can quickly get used to it. user interface is a bit complicated and not user-friendly at all.

Final Verdict

They are now talking about the conclusion that which is the best for you. Let me describe few things. There is no doubt that Noon makes the local retail community more robust with their close ties. Noon makes sure to make the participation of the local market in e-commerce easy in the UAE region. Noon has also done its partnership with small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. The main aim of Noon is to expand the e-commerce market in the Middle-East region. needs to work out more on their support team, and amazon UAE shipping needs to perform better. It’s a significant fact that Noon is providing the best and quality services. While is not focusing on the packaging to delivery of the products. Furthermore, it is also losing interest in the community. The end conclusion here from my side is that Noon is one of the best online selling platforms compared to People like it more because of its quick service, good packaging with an invoice inside, and quick customer service.

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  1. Hi ابو هارون,

    I really like your article, can you share how big are the market share in both & Noon? Particularly with Electronis category if possible, thanks.

  2. This seems very biased.
    Just look at other sites for reviews on noon and all say they are rubbish.