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“Dubai” is the most populous and largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the feeling of walking at 96.1% at night makes it the safest city in the world. Focusing on bringing the economy and at the same time making everyday life to an impressive level with the proper use of the invincible smartphone platform, there are apps for everything in the country – everything about I think you can!. At the same time, Dubai police are doing an impressive job to keep law and order in check.

Dubai Police App:

“Book a taxi, pay the bill, access all your essential medical records, or keep yourself safe – there’s an app for you. As Major General AI Obaidy said, “Our leader has urged the people to increase their security.” He added, “Despite the sense of insecurity around the world, the UAE has become a security oasis. Many security measures and projects have helped achieve this.”

In addition, Lt. Gen. Dhi Khalfan said the dramatic reduction in response time was a modern solution to timely crime reporting.

“We’ve launched a crime reporting app,” he added. The app is “Dubai Police” Yes, a police app!

You can download the application from the below links according to your device Compatability:



Services of Dubai Police Application:

There are a bunch of essential services the DUBAI POLICE application offers. However, we briefly described each service below


Dubai Police has developed its innovative application for the Android platform, using the “Kotlin” programming language and aligning itself with the best app developers in Dubai. Their main focus was on the latest version of the innovative app for iOS.

The move guides people with easy access to Dubai Police Smart Services. The latest application, issued by the General Department of Artificial Intelligence, links innovative services to a pleasant index. The app includes various services in 7 different languages ​​: Arabic, English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, and Spanish.

It leads to more interaction as it allows the public to access police services more efficiently and smoothly. It has developed an exceptional service for predicting severe accidents. This new feature can predict serious accidents and automatically send notifications for help.

Adding this feature makes it an excellent volunteer platform that helps users create a more cooperative and secure environment.


Now, this is a casual style! By adding this feature to the app, users can add their favourite roads to drive. Making your daily commute to Dubai faster and easier, the app will send you daily updates on the traffic scenario for your favourite roads.

As a fantastic factor, people can use virtual reality technology and throw the most important places around them, such as police stations, pharmacies, hospitals, and payment centres, through the “My App” screen.

The app also provides instant traffic accident information, including traffic status. It also allows you to report traffic accidents and violations, including taking pictures of damaged areas and receiving reports via email or SMS to submit to insurance companies.


You can report Minor traffic accidents through this app, which allows drivers to receive a police report of an accident without calling the police or even going to the police station. The traffic report can then submit to the insurance companies.


The “Timeline” is an ” Activity Feed ” for tracking all your transactions and tasks on applications. It is of utmost importance to the user as it will be easier to manage the various complaints they have filed, and they will follow up by the departments for the relevant action taken.


Brigadier Khalid Naseer, AI Razzoqi’s intelligent services director, said competent camera service is also included, especially for the blind. Also,the service relies on “visual detection technology” for the first time in the MENA region.

 He focused on the humanitarian aspect of the Dubai Police by offering individual services to people with special needs. In addition, you can activate this service on the iPhone, or people can log on to the Dubai Police app and access the service by simply shaking the phone.

 Once activated, the user can click on the Smart Camera button, which will capture the image. Then more, the app will evaluate and comment on the photos.

6- MYID:

It is the “MY ID” platform. In it, the user can easily access your records. Also, The user needs to sign in to your MYID, and they can access all the information like name, police record (if any), credentials, and long list.

In addition, the user can change the profile picture, address, and more.


Under the principle of enjoying Dubai, each organization must verify its employees’ identity to avoid fraud and instability.

But, thanks to the Dubai Police app, this is no longer a painful task. You can apply for verification of more than one employee at a time. This feature saves time in the organization as well as in the police department.


The Dubai Police app comes with a “Police App” feature. They designed this keeping in mind that those afraid to report a crime will get semi-anonymity (freedom to reveal their identities) to report any crime or offence happening around them—feeling safe and secure.

For reporting suspicious activity, it included in the following categories:

  • Alcohol/drugs
  • Suspicious vehicle
  • Suspicious sales,
  • Demolish, Destroy,
  • Gambling,
  • Begging

According to the Dubai Police Officer, depending on the severity of the case, you will not be contacted by the police unless it is a significant issue, and no one will stop you.

Police surveillance is another service available to UAE residents to improve security patterns to keep themselves anonymous and safe.


This feature lets you check the number of customers waiting in each station, including the average waiting time. You can issue tickets before you arrive at the station to avoid long queues.


Whether you live in a villa or a home, violations can ruin your sense of security and safety in your home. The General Criminal Investigation Department has launched a free home security service for busy making memories with their loved ones on holidays. Furthermore, it’s easy to get started!

Register on the app’s Home Security section; the premises will be secured with a police patrol until residents return from their vacation.


You do not need a resident to use the app. Whether you are alone or with your family in the UAE and want to register a complaint or illegal activity, you can do all this in a single touch from your smartphone.

All you need to do is enter your contact details, whether it’s a UAE-based number or not.


Bounced checks are a common crime these days. However, the app allows the user to send bounced check photos to the Dubai Police and lodge a complaint without stepping into the police station.

According to the Dubai Police Customer Service, checks are reported in two different ways.

  • First of all, it should be released in Dubai.
  • Second, the authenticity of its pursuit should not expire.


So far, this is one of the most valuable features in the entire application. Also, With the app’s help, you can find out if you have lost some personal belongings from the lost people and found a department in Dubai Police.

 Well, they won’t enjoy the embarrassing phone call, “I put my phone in the wrong way again, or I don’t remember the taxi number.”

Dubai Police – An Award Winning App

  • Continuous winner of M-Government Service Best Awards for the last five years (since 2014)
  • World Summit Award-M-Government 2014 Winner
  • Winner of the Hamdan Bin Muhammad Award. Competent government in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017

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