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Ansar Mall Sharjah, owned by the Ansar Group of Companies, is a six-story shopping center recognizing its vast store portfolio and low pricing. Regarding providing one of the leading retail inventories, the shopping center also has a variety of food and a game zone, providing it with a family-friendly attraction.

The Ansar Group of Companies has seventeen famous operational centers spread across GCC nations, each specially customized to satisfy each region’s unique demands and objectives. Furthermore, the organization meets high standards, and it contains a diverse range of items from all over the world.

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The adventure started in the 1980s with opening a single store for the New World Company, a large retailer. A few years ago, in 1987, the Ansar Group was formally established with the foundation of an exciting new company.

Their business motto

We aim to be one of the most trusted sources of the most significant global products that assure customer satisfaction and bring happiness and a pleasant experience to our customers, workers, and tourists.

Our Ansar group team continuously satisfies the customers’ expectations and demands. However, we reach across oceans to provide the finest to our consumers. We stand up with the new fad and history to bring the finest onboard.

 Our firm is built on enthusiasm. We are always progressing, developing, and upgrading. Each worker represents the firm, and his dedication to consumers is valuable. Honesty is the most excellent and most respected instrument that has gotten us all here year after year, continuing progress.

What do they offer?

Ansar Mall has everything you need, whether it’s groceries, electronics, clothing, jewelry, home appliances, or household equipment. Customers will not be disheartened if they attend this Sharjah shopping center.

What distinguishes Ansar Mall from other Sharjah malls is the absence of store locations. Instead, every roof of Ansar Mall is assigned to a specific type of purchasing object. The mall has five stages, each with a diverse range of items. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available on every ground.

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The ground floor contains a supermarket

Ansar Mall’s Step G is entirely devoted to groceries. You can mainly get everything you need here, including mutton, fish, vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, cleaning supplies, newborn care, and shower necessities.  Moreover, the imported products are also available to meet the customers’ needs.

1st floor

If you follow the elevator to reach level one, you will discover a diverse selection of gadgets, fashion phones, wristwatches, eyeglasses, makeup, fragrances, stationery, and household appliances. They also offer a games department with all the latest titles on this floor.

2nd floor

 Ansar Mall Sharjah 2nd floor offers a wide selection of apparel for ladies and kids. Buy lots of fashionable clothes, footwear, and accessories at reasonable costs. This level also has many abayas and things for young newborns.

3rd floor

Furthermore, men’s fashionable attire and custom items may be found on level three. This level also has a good assortment of men’s and women’s shoes, luggage, and cosmetics. On level 3, there is also a specific selection of fitness equipment and sporting things.

4th floor

Hence, head to level four for everything connected to furniture and home renovation. Beautiful bouquets, kitchenware, bed coverings, and other items are available. This section also has a range of handicrafts, kid’s toys, and animated images.

5th floor

 This floor is devoted to equipment, lighting, and carpeting. If you’re seeking to design a new house, this market features many cost-effective selections that you won’t find anywhere else.

6th floor

The topmost floor at this multi-level shopping center in Sharjah has the following three sections:

Price: Offers reduced products ranging from AED 1 to AED 20.

Land: This is a relative’s entertainment that features electronic games and inside attractions.

Taste:  A specialized food court with a wide range of eateries.

Ansar mall Sharjah restaurants

If you are hungry while perusing many fantastic special discounts, go to the food stalls just on the 6th level. There are several lovely eateries to try in Ansar Mall Sharjah’s food stalls, including:

Restaurant Sakara

Unless you want to eat southern Indian staples like allow better, Tamil parotta, coco platen, etc., Salkara seems to be the place to go. Diners may also experience a lot of appetizers, pasta, and drinks.

Contact number: +971-6-530-0988

Restaurant Wuhan

Ansar Mall Sharjah’s Wuhan is the best Indian restaurant. Customers may offer some Asian and Thai specialties. Spicy poultry and Hokkien noodles are two of the most popular meals.

Contact information: +971-52-478-1722 / +971-6-577-4855

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Restaurant Iranian Guy’s

Iranian Guy’s seems the most proper place for tourists if you’re looking for a relaxed supper. Therefore, this cafe has everything you need to fulfil your appetite, from great hamburgers and salads to pasta, as well as a combination grill.

Contact: +971-55-469-5395 / +971-56-747-6374


Ansar Delight is yet another excellent option for budget nibbles. Also, Fries, buns, tacos, and fresh fruit juices are available.

Contact us on +971-6-531-3339 if you want to get some food or buy your necessities at that center.

Ansar mall timings

  •  It opens 10:00 am to midnight from Saturday to Wednesday.
  •  And from 10:00 am to 1:00 am on Thursday.
  • On Friday, it is open from 2:00 pm to 1:00 am.


Al Nahda- Al Ittihad Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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Ansar Mall is a fantastic facility for the Ghoroob housing complex and others in the surrounding neighbourhood. Hence, this facility has anything that a person might ever require, so everybody can obtain whatever they desire. Alongside high-quality products, they also provide exceptional customer service, making them a formidable commercial predator.

We attempted to provide all relevant information about Ansar Mall. However, the most incredible part was that you could attend this magnificent location once; we guarantee you will have a wonderful time there. In addition, you may get food or buy necessities at the location.

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