Sharjah traffic fines

Sharjah has imposed traffic penalties to achieve optimal road safety. In Sharjah, traffic offences are punishable by monetary fines and additional punishments such as black points. It is resulting in car seizure and license suspension.

Without a license driving a car, for example, might result in an AED 500 fine, four black points, and a 7-day automobile impoundment in Sharjah. As a result, to prevent extra fines and penalties, you must keep track of your traffic fines and ensure that they are paid on time.

Drivers can pay their penalties on time by using payment systems. Look at a list of Sharjah traffic fines to discover more about the consequences.

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How to Search and Submit traffic fines in Sharjah?

You should inform of the situation of your traffic penalties to pay them on time. Checking the Sharjah traffic fines is relatively simple because Sharjah Police effectively manages the emirate’s traffic fines. You may find out about your traffic penalties by using the methods listed below:

Website of the Sharjah police

Follow these procedures to inquire about Sharjah traffic fines on the Sharjah police website:

  • Check the Sharjah Police Department’s official website
  • To visit the Sharjah Police Portal, go to the ‘Traffic Service Tab’ and click on ‘Traffic Fines.’
  • You may check your outstanding penalties by selecting one of three options: inquiry by car plate, traffic symbol, or license information.

Website for emirate vehicle gate

By checking in to the Emirates Vehicle Gate website, you may review your Sharjah traffic penalties online.

  • On the EVG website, register and establish an account.
  • Check Sharjah traffic penalties by entering your vehicle’s plate number, ticket code number, and license number.
  • Check that you have ticked all of the appropriate boxes. Incorrect choice selection may result in erroneous information.

Online forum of Road and Transportation Authority (RTA)

You can view your Sharjah traffic penalties on the RTA website. Select the ‘Traffic Fine’ page and input your traffic file number to get the essential data. You may also view your Sharjah traffic penalties at RTA service centres and kiosks.

Website of the ministry of interior in the United Arab Emirates

The Ministry of Interior UAE Website allows you to monitor and pay Sharjah traffic penalties.

To begin utilizing the e-services on the leading site, you must first register. The next stage is to choose a ticket and then review Sharjah traffic fines.

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Municipality centers in Sharjah

If you are experiencing difficulty using the websites mentioned earlier. Or want a more traditional means of checking penalties, contact The Sharjah City Municipality center is recommended. The experts at the center can assist you in resolving any concerns.

Traffic penalties may be checked and paid at Sharjah Police headquarters. There are four more (physical) sites where you can pay your charges:

  • The Sharjah Municipality headquarters are located in Al Manakh.
  • Building of the Public Parking Department in Industrial Zone 5
  • Sharjah City Municipality’s Al Khalidiya office
  • Tasjeel’s Sharjah Auto Village headquarters located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • You can also submit your Sharjah parking fee at any RTA center in Dubai or any traffic police station in any other region.

If you have accumulated fines that include traffic points or if your car has been impounded, you can get a 50% discount until January 31, 2020. Therefore, a 50% reduction in traffic fines, on the other hand, is only available if you pay in writing at a Sharjah Police Station. This reduction is not available to those who pay Sharjah traffic penalties online.

When driving in Sharjah, one must use extreme caution. Observe for any changes to the Sharjah traffic penalties list. Ignorance of the law, as they say, is not an argument. Similarly, before travelling to another emirate, familiarize yourself with local driving rules.

Sharjah Traffic Penalties Payment

Sharjah traffic penalties can be paid in person at local police, traffic police centers, traffic villages, Police Service Centers, or electronically at official government websites.

You may also submit traffic penalties through the Ministry of Interior’s mobile app.

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Steps to take

  1. Check the Dubai Government’s RTA webpage.
  2. “License number,” “Traffic number,” and “Plate number” may all be found under “Traffic penalties.”
  3. Choose one, and the places where you must pay the fee, as well as the amount of the fine, will be presented.
  4. Select a location and press the “Pay now” button.
  5. Pick the payment option you wish to use to pay your Sharjah traffic fine.
  6. Would you mind sending the money?


In October 2019, Sharjah Police offered a 50% reduction on all Sharjah traffic fines issued before October 23. You have until January 31, 2020, to take advantage of the discount. If you have any outstanding penalties, the Sharjah traffic fines discount 2019 is an excellent opportunity to pay them off.

Anyone driving in Sharjah should be aware that the city’s law enforcement agencies are particularly attentive. In truth, the same could be said about the UAE as a whole. In Abu Dhabi, there is no tolerance for traffic lawbreakers.

Similarly, hundreds of people in Dubai must pay penalties for breaking traffic restrictions. You may also check your Dubai traffic infraction fines online. The entire procedure has been streamlined so that citizens may grasp, comprehend, and follow the guidelines.


Sharjah is trying to make their residence safer by reducing the number of accidents on the roads. Hence, they have also made some amendments in their traffic systems and Sharjah traffic fines. Here we have tried to educate you about Sharjah traffic fines and along with plenty of guidelines to follow. Hopefully, this article will help you on-road and save you some money.

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