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UAE Dubai Traffic Fines List – Overview: If you live in Dubai and plan to drive, you will find this United Arab Emirates Dubai Traffic Violation Fines List very useful. You can also get this UAE Dubai Traffic Violation list here. Here we have shared all the latest fines and penalties for minor and major traffic violations you need to pay to get your driving license back.

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Dubai Traffic Violation Fines List

Here is the complete list of all new UAE traffic fines for vehicles in Dubai. We are sure this will make you aware of our penalties for any Dubai Traffic Violation. All lists are updated in 2021, according to the Dubai Police. Dubai is the most populated Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It holds a significant part of all cities, including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah, etc.

The list includes all traffic fines across Dubai for both residents and tourists. We’ve covered the primary traffic offences, including driving without registration plates, not wearing seat belts, and more.

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Reckless /careless driving fines list

 The following is a list of UAE traffic fines for careless driving:

Sr #Violation:Fine:Other Penalties:
 Dangerous Driving          AED 1,000None
 Reckless drivingAED 2,000None
 Not leaving a safe distance between vehiclesAED 400None
 Driving without number platesAED 3,00060 days Confiscation
 Overtaking on the hard shoulderAED 1,000None
 Dangerous overtaking by trucksAED 800None
 Causing damage to another vehicleCourt caseJudge determines
 Do not follow traffic signsAED 500None
 Causing a car to overturnAED 500None
 Jumping a red signalAED 1,00060 days Confiscation
 Blocking trafficAED 1,000None
 Endangering lives of road usersAED 2,00060 days Confiscation
 Driving under the influence of alcoholAED 20,000/jail60 days Confiscation
 Influence of drugsFine/jail decided by the courtNone

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The following is a list of UAE traffic fines for under or over speeding driving:

Sr #Violation:Fine:Other Penalties:
 Over the speed limit of more than 80 kmphAED 3,00060 days Confiscation
 Over the speed limit of more than 60 kmphAED 2,00030 days Confiscation
 Over the driving speed limit less than 60 kmphAED 1,50015 days Confiscation
 Under the speed limit of less than 50 kmph drivingAED 1,000None
 Driving Under the speed limit of less than 40 kmphAED 700None
 Under the driving speed limit is less than 30 kmphAED 600None
.Under the speed driving limit less than 20 kmphAED 300None

The following is a list of fines in the United Arab Emirates for other driving issues:

Sr #Violation:Fine:Other Penalties:
 Driving without a  fastened seat beltAED 400None
 Evading a police officerAED 800None
 Use of Mobile phoneAED 400None
 “no parking” area ParkingAED 1,000None
 without a valid registration DrivingAED 5007 days Confiscation
 Driving with expired tyresAED 5007 days Confiscation
 Failure to pull over for emergency vehiclesAED 500None
 Stopping on the road for a serious reasonAED 500None
 50% car window tinting limit ExceedingAED 1,500None
 Driving incident resulting in deathCourt case
 Un-operable lightsAED 400None
 Driving a noisy vehicleAED 2,000None
 While driving throwing the garbageAED 1,000None
 No license platesAED 1,000None
 Causing moderate injuryAED 400None
 JaywalkingAED 400None
.Driving an unsafe vehicleAED 500None

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