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Rta Fines Discount – Save money on penalties with our significantly discounted RTA fines. Here is the place for you to find Rta Fines Discount information. With Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s offering, motorists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be able to settle fines and parking-card rates in instalments in collaboration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

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The initiative will be available for any motorist who has incurred an RTA fine in the amount of up to Dh10,000. ADCB expects to see many customers taking advantage of this facility, which would help them get rid of the charges on their credit card statements. For more details of RTA fines Dubai and how to pay the instalment and get a discount on them, keep reading below:

How to get a discount on Dubai traffic fines?

The Dubai traffic fine reduction scheme was only valid until 2021, the Year of Compassion. However, thanks to a 0% instalment arrangement, drivers in the UAE can make the payment process easier this year.

How to get a discount on Dubai traffic fines?
How to get a discount on Dubai traffic fines?

This Dubai traffic fine reduction system or instalment method allows vehicle owners to apply for it using debit cards provided by specific banks. These are some examples:

§  Dubai Islamic Bank

§  Emirates Islamic Bank

§  Dubai Islamic Bank

§  First Abu Dhabi Bank

§  Emirates NBD

§  Commercial Bank International

§  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Note: Dubai Police Traffic Department offers a 10% discount off your traffic fines if you pay it online via the bank’s website. However, this is only applicable to first-time offenders who haven’t been caught for the third time, as well as those who have never been issued with a significant fine.

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RTA fine payment

The RTA fine payment is made easy with the online facility of undertaking this process. This process can be done anywhere, anytime and at the comfort of your home. RTA has also introduced a feature of paying the fine through mobile phones too.

You can clear RTA fine inquiry by going to their official website. Once you reach the website, you will be directed to a page showing your location as per your current zip code or address. If you have already entered the required postal code, it will be fetched from there.

However, you can also enter a postal code from wherever you want the information to be given. It will display complete information about that place. You can then click “continue” towards a payment gateway to proceed and after clearing the charges if any.

RTA fines payment with installment

RTA fines payment UAE with instalment is now very easy. You have to just approach any of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank branches, sign up with them, and fix the instalment time for repaying your fine. Now, pay your RTA fines in Dubai in instalments.

RTA has introduced a new policy on the Pay-Later option for vehicle fines. You can make instalment payments for your vehicle fines according to your convenience through online service, bank branches and ATM service. This is the first time in UAE history that motorists can pay fines using an interest-free payment solution.

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Payment by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

ADCB has started an intelligent payment system. Its customers can pay their fines payable to RTA instalments by paying them through their bank. The customer will be able to take the receipt of the transaction made in ATM or through the Online Banking service. The bank has already started working on this project, and it will become available for all the customers soon.

Payment by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
Payment by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

ADCB has offered an interest-free instalment scheme for those who have to pay their dues to various departments. Like RTA (Road and Transport Authority), electricity, water, and municipality as well as to other service providers such as telecommunication service provider.

ADCB is the first bank in the UAE to provide an instalment plan for RTA fines payment. Through this scheme, the client can make their payments in easy instalment. Payments will be eligible for an interest-free grace period of 30 days.

Payment of RTA fines and parking cards has been further simplified with introducing a new instalment program by ADCB, debt collector of RTA. This program enables you to convert your fine of up to Dhs 2000/- into an interest-free instalment for a period ranging from 3 to 12 months. After completion of this period, you will clear the balance due of the original amount.

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