New Restrictions in Abu Dhabi for Non-Vaccinators Travelers

Ministry of Health of UAE has introduced New Restrictions in Abu Dhabi for Non-Vaccinators. 

Citizens, resident foreigners, and tourists will have to prove being vaccinated or exempt from entry to many places, including shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants.

Can Non Vaccinators travel to Abu Dhabi?

According to Arab News and the UAE’s official news agency WAM, Abu Dhabi’s Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Committee have updated the admission procedures for vaccinated citizens, residents, and visitors coming to Abu Dhabi from the UAE.

The statement said that people who have been vaccinated or are participating in the vaccine’s clinical trial. Also, they can only enter if they have a green pass or an active e-star icon on the Al Hassan.

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E-star icons will have to undergo a PCR test for seven days. Participants will not need further tests upon arrival in Abu Dhabi and during their stay in the emirate if they have a Green Pass or Active E or Star Icon, vaccine, or clinical trial. Also, those coming from abroad have to follow the relevant travel protocol.

What are the New Restrictions for Non-Vaccinators

For non-vaccinators, the first testing method will apply.

Under this, they will have to undergo a PCR test within 48 hours of entering the emirate or DPI test within 24 hours. If they stay in the emirate later, they will have to undergo additional tests.

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