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Louis Vuitton is a very reputed fashion house whose headquarters are in Paris and France. It is the famous short name of the company Louis Malletier established in 1854. Louis Vuitton was the man behind the foundation of this French company. Initially, the company was launched its flat-topped trunks. They made trunks with Trianon Canvas material that makes them light and waterproof.

Louis Vuitton was the first manufacturers those made flat trunks. Before that, trunks were made with a round top. One flat trunk can easily be stack on another trunk during the journey. This manufacturing caused a stir after that some other luggage manufacturers copied the style and design of LV fashion house and made flat-topped trunks.

Louis Vuitton UAE Products

Nowadays, the company has a vast collection of products ranges from trunks and leather items to cloths (readymade), foot wares, jewellery, sunglasses (latest styles), extras, and books, etc. Also, LV monogram would be engraved on all of the Louis Vuitton products. This fashion house is also trendy on an international level.

The company sells excellent products by sending them to independent boutiques, charter units of the highest-standard departmental stores. You can also buy the products online from the e-commerce unit of the website.

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Locations of Louis Vuitton in UAE

Here are the locations of all Louis Vuitton Stores in UAE

  1. Louis Vuitton Abu Dhabi Galleria Mall
  2. Louis Vuitton Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  3. The Louis Vuitton Store Abu Dhabi Marina Mall – Al Marina – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
  4. Louis Vuitton Dubai Mall Of Emirates – Al BarshaAl – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai
  5. Louis Vuitton – Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  6. The Louis Vuitton Galeries Lafayette – Financial Center Road Galeries Lafayette, Second Floor, The Dubai Mall
  7. Louis Vuitton – Deira – Riggat Al Buteen – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

How Can You Contact Louis UAE Vuitton?

If you have any queries or confusion related to Louis Vuitton Products, you can reach them through their client services. Their advisors are experts in their field. Also, they clear your all confusions in a friendly way. They will thoroughly guide you about purchasing their company’s product. You can also send them an email with your questions. They will answer all your mail ASAP. You can also contact them by sending a message on Twitter @LVSERVICES.

How Can You Find Information About LV Products?

LV fashion house has launched the latest designs of their all products. Moreover, the collection contains stylish readymade clothes, jewellery, mini leather items, wallets, belts, wristwatches, clutches, scarves, footwear, perfumes, travel bags, and many more. You can also check their complete collection by clicking on the link given below: UAE Version

If you still want to get more information freely contact them through their client services. They will be pleased to help you and sort out all your confusion.

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From Where You Can Buy LV Products?

From their Stores: This fashion house is recognized internationally and has 450+ stores in different countries of the world. Open the link Louisvuitton.com and click the STORE Tab option. Also, It will help you to locate the LV store nearest you and give you all the necessary information. Further inform you about opening and closing time, address, list of all product categories present in the stores.

Worldwide Online through Client Services:

List of all LV products available on Louisvuitton.com. So, you can place your through smartphones through client services. This service is only for Australia, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Japan, and Canada. Living in USA? Here is a luxury hair salon that you need to consider which can cater all your needs regarding a Haircut.

How Can You Pay for Louis Vuitton Products?

The payment procedure depends on the country from where you are buying the product. You can pay through your country’s debit or credit cards or direct transfer in bank accounts. Furthermore, contact their Client Service and get information about the desired transaction process. You can also pay through cards such as:

  • American Express.
  • MasterCard.

However, the company will contact your bank for authorization.

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How Secure are LV Payment Methods?

Yes, all of their transactions or payments methods are safe. They have an SSL encryption system. It is the best way to secure personal and payment information. The company will not keep any sensitive information because customer data security is our primary priority.

Where are manufacturing factories of LV products?

All the leather products are manufactured in their workshops present in France, the USA, Spain, etc. All readymade clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes are manufactured in Italy and France.

Louis Vuitton timepiece workrooms are located in Switzerland, where they manufacture their elegant wristwatches. Their perfumes manufacturing is in France stores.

Their main priority is to maintain the quality of each product. So, their experts select the finest materials for manufacturing and do their work with extreme care. They have a team of the world’s best craftsmen who maintain the traditional excellence level of LV products.

Is it Possible to get Louis Vuitton Spare Parts?

Louis Vuitton Company doesn’t give you spare parts with the product. But if you require the spare part, they provide it to you by particular order. For the ranking, consult the repair department of LV store or through client services. Their representatives will further assist you with the procedure.

How Can You Care Your Louis Vuitton Products?

All Louis Vuitton products are designed from a diligent selection of the most beautiful materials by experienced artists of their fashion house. These are created by keeping the highest standards of quality in mind that is the real identity of their ateliers.

Each selected product is precious; they make them with great care and don’t compromise on quality. So, they want the same care and love for the product from you daily. If you want your product to remain intact for a long time, inspect the product and take some easy precautions.

If you want your product to stay elegant as the year passes, reduce the use of that product or use it periodically.

When you use the product and do not give it rest, it will be damaged before time because free and uninterrupted wear disintegrates stuff.

If your product is at risk of water, alcohol, heat and light exposure, hot or cold weather, keep the product packed in leather or canvas because prolonged exposure to these things causes premature damage. In sudden water, contact clean the product surface quickly with a soft cloth.


The above discussion is about the French fashion house known as Louis Vuitton UAE. This store is also known at the international level and has 450+ stores in different world regions. The company has a wide range of collections for their customers, from trunks and bags to readymade cloth and accessories. All LV products are of the highest quality.

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