What is Amazon ae and what it is offering in the UAE

Souq & Amazon together launched the platform of Amazon.ae. It provides a fantastic shopping convenience to the people living in the Arab Emirates. Moreover, it presents more than thirty million different products from international & local industries. It is also used to tackle the influence of Noon in the UAE.

These products consist of items already available on Souq & five million items from Amazon US. If you do shopping from Amazon ae, it will give you an equal guarantee to Souq prices. Also, its reliable & fast delivery proves it to be one of the best online shopping platforms. 

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Association of Amazon & Souq

Amazon.ae combines international proficiency of Amazon and native experience of Souq. Consequently, it will benefit the customers of UAE all the way through. The platform comprises a dedicated team of about 3,600 workers. 

Wide Range of Products on Amazon ae

This online shopping platform increases the variety of products, introducing excellent prices while presenting incredible shopping convenience. You can shop from Amazone.ae either through the Amazon App or from their website. 

App & Website 

Of course, the app & the website both would present a rich & quick browsing practice. Besides, you will experience perfect search results, reliable product reviews, modified approvals & modest order supervision.

Furthermore, if you place an order of more than AED 100, you can have free next day delivery. Also, you can get a paid same-day delivery while picking areas in the UAE. The international proficiency of Amazon presents accurate shipment tracking & delivery. 

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Shopping in the Arabic Language on Amazon ae

Since it provides a convenient shopping experience, you can search for your desired items & clear payment in AED. For that, you can utilize either international or local credit cards or COD. Now, the Arabic language is introduced at Amazon, both on the website & mobile app. It is for the convenience of those customers who like to shop in Arabic.

Sage Payment Dealings on Amazon ae

Lots of companies who were previously doing business on Souq are currently working on Amazon.ae. It offers a straightforward approach to listing tools and safe payment dealings. Moreover, customers can discover advertising features quickly. 

To make it convenient, the payment method that you applied on Souq previously is spontaneously linked with your account on Amazon.ae. Customers can see additional information about their account on the ‘Your Account page’. 

If your information isn’t transferred automatically, you can provide your address & payment details on the ‘Your Account page’. Also, you can provide these details when you place an order on Amazon.ae.

Easy Access 

Despite any business experience, all businesspersons can access Amazon capital, tools & products that are necessary to run a business. Customers can access their Souq orders while visiting the ‘Your Account page’ & click on ‘Your Orders’. 

If your orders are still inside the return window, you can start a return request there. Consequently, you’ll get your money back within seven commercial days. You will get the amount according to the actual method of payment that you used. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do you buy from Amazon ae?

To buy something from this online shopping store, visit the product information page. You can see ‘Add to Cart’; tap on it to add the item to the shopping cart.

Tap on Cart at the top-right place of the page to check the product in your Shopping Cart.

Touch ‘Proceed’ once you’ve revised the products in your Shopping Cart.

Q. What about the account balance you had on Souq?

If a customer has an exceptional balance linked with a Souq account, he can take it out to his bank account on Amazon ae. For that, he needs to visit the ‘Your Account’ page & click on ‘Your Orders’.

Q. Can you apply the same email address & password that you used on Souq to sign in to Amazon ae?

Of course, the customers can continue using the previous login details to sign in to their Amazon.ae account. However, if they have a current account on Amazon with a similar email address linked with their Souq account, they should enter their Amazon password, not Souq password, to log in.

Q. How does Amazon ae work in UAE?

Amazon doesn’t deliver free shipping in UAE. Usually, the customers need to pay about 40 AED to get their Amazon product dispatched to the UAE. Additionally, you need to pay even more if you purchase multiple or bulky products.  


In this article, we gave you information about Amazon ae and what it is offering in UAE? It is a convenient online shopping store for the people of the UAE. We hope that people living in the UAE get all the knowledge about it, and now they can buy products on Amazon easily, either from its mobile app or website. 

Still, if you have any queries about it, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We are there to help you anytime. Enjoy your shopping.

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