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As the name shows, Brands for less is one of the world’s leading off-price retailers for homeware and fashion. The Brands for less group is based in the United Arab Emirates. It serves over three markets across the Middle East and Europe.

The journey of Brand for less was started in 1996 in Lebanon. The group settled in UAE in 2000.

The main goal of this group is to provide quality products to the customers with exceptional prices that excite everyone. The main aim is to make things affordable for everyone—80% off the original retail prices for fashion designer brands. People from all over the world visit Dubai throughout the year.

Treasure Hunt model in brand for less

The new “Treasure Hunt” Model ensures that every time a customer has something new to explore. It makes it easy to desire and discover it within BFL stores. Customers always end up finding something new while visiting our stores. Treasure hunts make BFL more appealing. Customers decide to come over and over again because of this approach.

BFL group is focusing on engaging its audience. They acquired exclusive rights to the Tchibo franchise in the MENA region that sell the German Brand’s homeware and apparel at a very reasonable price associated with a premium customer care environment.

Customer Care in Brand for Less

The Brand is entirely focusing on facilitating customers and always looking forward to finding new ways to cherish their customers. BFL also launched toy for less concept to provide off-price toys, kid’s wear, and party costumes. Its primary objective is to satisfy its customers by unlocking great experiences with exceptional price tags.

The latest push of BFL is towards making the Brand inclusive for customers worldwide for taking the e-commerce experience to new audiences. 

Top Brands under Brands for Less

Brands for less are expanding from only fashion and house wear. Below are the brands under head BFL.

Toys for Less

For the younger audience. 500 plus brands are in place under toys for less to provide exceptional prices in toys, kids apparel, and party costumes. It gives the perfect toy at the right price for every child.

Homes for less

Homes for less provide all home accessories and furniture. It gives the same value, innovation, exciting products, and stylish designs that BFL customers love. With premium brands, you can easily avail of 60% off the recommended retail price, and a new selection of items is available daily.

Tchibo in Brand for Less

Tchibo also works under it where they offer affordable variety along with brilliant surprises. In-store collections change weekly, and all are available in limited quantities. This will increase the desire for customers to come over and over again.

My Mucho

This is available in 9 countries with more than 100 stores. This is genuinely based on home decoration. It provides the best quality home decors. The brand stores have all warm and welcoming vibes through their products. Different décor stores around the world inspire them.

Delivery Policy

The main aim of Brands for less is to facilitate all of its customers with ease. They are a partnership with couriers, and the Brand is firmly committing to delivering the product within the time frame mentioned above. Sometimes, you may receive your order a bit late due to customs clearance and other issues—brands for fewer daily deliveries except for Friday and UAE Public Holidays.

Condition for Bulk Orders

The Brand accepts bulk orders. The Brand itself also does the bulk order cost, weight, and measurement. For booking bulk orders, you can contact the Customer Care Team and confirm your shipping cost.

Cancellation and Changing order

After you place an order, it begins to process. Once you place the order, you are no longer eligible to change the size, color, and quantity. At this time, you can request to cancel or change the order. In this regard, you may contact customer care.

Mostly the process only takes 24 hours. So, after making a request wait for at least 24 hours.

Return Policy 

The Brand doesn’t have a direct exchange but accepts returns. Up to 10 days upon receiving the order, and the amount will be added to your wallet. The Brand does not support the cash refund policy. They only add the amount of the returned item that you can use for future purchases.

Items that are made for return must be provided with original packaging/ tags and invoice.

Store Return

In-store returns, you have to visit the nearest brand branch and request them to add the return item price into your wallet. The wallet amount is valid for three months from the date it is added to your wallet. Make sure to return the product with the original packaging and invoice.

Online Return

Suppose you are unable to return the product. The Brand eases it with the online return. It will arrange a pickup and courier. The customers will pay the pick up charges, or they will be deducted from your wallet.

Which items are non-returnable at Brand for less? 

  • No return is accepted for lipsticks, makeup, lotions, etc
  • Perfumes return only acceptable if nylon packaging is torn and opened.
  • Undergarments, Lingerie, and swimmer sets are non-returnable due to hygienic issues.  
  • Products that are ordered online from special deals can be returned.

Final Verdict

Brands for less is one of the leading top brands covering more than 500 brands and providing the best rates. The main aim of the Brand is to provide good quality at reasonable rates. All UAE and USA customers are loving this Brand. Now, BFL is planning for e-commerce to ship its products all over the world.

Hence, if you plan to buy any gift, home décor, kitchen appliances, clothes, etc., you must look into the BFL brand. It will cherish you with fantastic prices and deals.

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