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Have you forgotten to charge the telephone and internet bill? Then Etisalat bill payment is the best solution for your problem. It is critical to set alerts or arrange auto financing options for these services to avoid losing your access or, worse, having your credit report poorly damaged.

So here is everything you need to understand about your telecommunications billing cycle. How much you have had to pay your payment before services are suspended.

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According to a business statement, Etisalat clients are obligated to pay their bills between 15 days after the bill’s issuance, that is, on the first of each month.

“From both cell and e-life applications, customers assign a closing date of the 15th of each month.” “As a result, we allow our clients 15 days after the bill is issued to settle their dues,” the statement stated.

How can I pay my Etisalat bill online?

Etisalat allows customers to pay their Etisalat online payments without leaving your house, and the process is easy.

Etisalat Online Payment

My Etisalat accounts

It’s straightforward. Install the My Etisalat UAE app to see and pay your invoices and access the account data. The software is accessible for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

By phone

Dial 101 or 125 is our free automating payment service. Afterwards, pick the “Bill Payment” opportunity to pay for a landline, eLife, and mobile bill using your debit or credit card.

Automatic transfer

Make a payment with simplicity, safety, and convenience, and then you never skip the payment. Enrol your credit or debit card at to establish general guidance, and they will assure prices on the given deadline.

Electronic bill

Please keep all of your bills in the mail so you shouldn’t have to fear losing them. You are also helping to safeguard the environment.

Benefits of Etisalat bill payment

  • It’s easy; you can access your email account from anywhere and read your eBill Etisalat.
  • It’s safe; the eBill delivers directly to your mailbox. Hence, it would help if you didn’t have to fear losing it.
  • It is more convenient than postal statements. However, your eBill will email to your email account during the first week of the month. Moreover, you get an alert through SMS after it has been emailed.
  • It’s well-organized. Therefore, you can quickly save your eBills to your computer or hard drive. Or keep them in your Mailbox for reference purposes.
  • It is entirely free.

How can I check my Etisalat balance?

Are you looking for Etisalat bill check codes? You’ve discovered it! However, this code is the entire code that is used to verify data balance and talk time. So here are some indicators to help you demonstrate your balance or data:

Etisalat mobile app is one method of keeping Etisalat payment.

 Another way is to optimize the code using Etisalat data.

Make a new SMS and send the word “data” to code 1010. The Etisalat number for data amount is * 228 # for prepaid users in Nigeria.

Use the USSD Etisalat talk time balance code to check your balance quickly. Simply enter * 232 #. This Etisalat balancing code is completely free to use!

You would also receive notifications that will assist you in maintaining the balance. The system will tell you when you utilize 80 per cent, 90 per cent, or 100 per cent of the data packets. If you have a postpaid sim card, the amount may be found on your self-service profile.

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What happens if you don’t pay?

If the bill has not been given within the specified time frame,

“To prevent service disruption, we expect our clients to pay their invoices sometime before the given deadline.” As a result, if a client fails to pay his account by the 15th of the month, his service may terminate at any moment after the 15th. “

We constantly ask our users to pay their payments on or before the delivery date to prevent collection warnings, service disruption, and a negative impact on the credit file through Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB),” according to the statement.

Service interruption

If you do not make your payments within 14 days and your connection is disrupted, make a payment using any online channels. You can pay by using the ‘My Etisalat’ mobile app, the website Etisalat. ae/QuickPay, or by calling 125 from your Etisalat number. This can assist in the reinstatement of services.

“Services will restore within two hours of the client making the complete payment.” Clients must make payment in full for reinstatement rather than a partial payment. “Partial payments will not reinstate a suspended service,” according to the statement.

Resumption of service

The connection will be re-establish within 24 hours when the consumer pays the entire amount owed.


Because of Etisalat’s role as one of the region’s premier telecommunication companies, more people connect through its network. However, as part of its efforts to provide greater convenience for its users, Etisalat has introduced an easy way to pay Etisalat bills.

So, no one knows what’s new is coming from this company. But what you should know is to join this network, definitely many other launches are ready.  

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