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Etisalat is one of the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications firms. It is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

Etisalat operates in 18 African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries/regions. The company serves almost one-third of the world’s population. Moreover, it has nearly one billion users. Furthermore, it has more than 160 million subscribers. Revenue climbed to $8.7 billion US dollars in 2011. plus,it employs around 53,000 people and has 80,000 sales locations in 18 countries/regions.

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Middle East

Operations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. It has the world’s largest 4G network in the Middle East and was named the most innovative firm in 2011.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

This country was the first country to offer hosted content services with more than 650 roaming agreements worldwide.  Also, one of the first to introduce 3DTV. Abu Dhabi is the world’s first fibre-optic city. Mena (Mena) is the first operator in Saudi Arabia to deploy TD-LTE Mobily.

Its 3.75G coverage area encompasses 94 per cent of the heavily populated regions. Moreover, it was also the first firm to introduce the Blackberry and Apple iPhone 3G.

How to Recharge Etisalat Balances

Mobile phones are a must-have item in today’s environment. The telephones’ balances should be kept up to date at all times. DU and Etisalat are the two most well-known network service companies in the UAE. Here in this object, we provide you with the information that tells you about the Etisalat online recharge. However, all techniques and directions may be found in our guide.

Never worry about going out of credit when revisiting the UAE! To fill up your home prepaid line, purchase any Etisalat recharge coupon from over 100,000 shops. You may now always stay in touch with your loved ones!

Concerning Etisalat Quick Payment

Are you in desperate need of an Etisalat prepaid recharge? Or do you wish to top up your friends and family’s phones? However, it’s never been easier to refuel your or another phone! Choose an Etisalat refill plan and pay using one of the payment ways are given. Moreover, your refill will arrive in 30 seconds. is where you may get your Etisalat refill. It’s quick, safe, and accessible.

Aside from Etisalat top-up, you may also recharge your phone using DU or Virgin Mobile online.

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 Easy management

Install the My Etisalat UAE free app to establish an account, access your details, recharge, and more. Therefore, you can easily download the software from the Google Play Store and the Apple Appstore.

How do I replenish my Etisalat balance?

Etisalat is a top network provider in the UAE. Etisalat provides several options for recharging your phone’s balance. Here is a list of ways to refresh your Etisalat balance. Moreover, it makes it easier to charge and obtain the most satisfactory results. Postpaid Packages from Etisalat

  • My Etisalat UAE application
  • Etisalat Quick Recharge
  • Credit Transfers and Online Services
  • Recharge Cards and e-vouchers 

Let’s delve a little more into these strategies and see how they vary.

App Etisalat UAE My Etisalat

One of the most convenient methods to recharge your account is using the My Etisalat UAE app. However, you may also keep track of all of your billings and payments. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?

Also see Etisalat Call Packages (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Rapid Recharge How to Recharge Etisalat

To effortlessly reload your prepaid account, go to However, it is both rapid and safe. Further, enter your contact information and the amount to pay online with a credit or debit card.

Etisalat Credit Transactions and Online Services

When you are out of money, no issue, you can always ask your friends and family to transfer credit to your account if you are out of money.

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Recharge Cards and e-vouchers 

Buy an Etisalat recharge card or eVoucher just like with any other mobile network. You can get one from any Etisalat store or a business partner in your area. To recharge, dial *120*(card number) #.

How can I get in touch with Etisalat?

Etisalat’s customer care may be reached in a variety of ways.

  • [email protected] is the email address for Etisalat customer support.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, dial 101 from your Etisalat phone number.
  • Call 800 101 from any other phone.
  • Call 0097 1800 101 from abroad
  • Go to the Etisalat support page

Advantages of Etisalat quick recharge

The benefits of quick pay Etisalat are following:

  • While in the UAE, you may quickly replenish your home prepaid line.
  • You will never go out of credit if you stay connected at all times.
  • Global partner networks are available.


Etisalat is one of the fastest-growing firms in the middle east and related regions. The reason behind this is its excellent and valuable services. Hence, in this article, we have tried to explain Etisalat and Etisalat recharge online. We have strained to make things easy for you by giving you a detailed step-wise procedure. Hopefully, now you know about Etisalat recharge.  

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