Rashid Hospital


Rashid Hospital is a tertiary scholarly hospital with a state-of-the-art Emergency and Trauma Center that serves as a global center for accident & emergency treatment.

The 762-bed hospital has highly technical surgery, medicinal, and intensive care departments, as well as operating rooms and clinical facilities.

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The hospital has highly technical surgical, medical, and intensive care units, as well as operating theatres and care coordination. Rashid Hospital opened its doors in March 1973. It has experienced renovations to maintain up with population growth and patient numbers. Since October 2007, it has been a JCI recognized hospital.

Rashid Hospital offers patients emergencies, in-patient, and then-out treatments. The clinic is among the busiest in the region, as it is well-known for its specialty trauma and emergency care services, and it receives patients not only from Dubai but also from the Northern Emirates.

 It has a 68-bed emergency department and is acknowledged as a key tragic clinic for Dubai and the Neighboring Areas.5

This collaborates with authorities, organizations, financiers, and manufacturers to create and foster innovative ideas and long-term initiatives that have an influence beyond hospital walls and into people’s homes and daily lives.

Rashid Hospital
Rashid Hospital

Their business motto

This hospital was founded on bright brains and hard work. Elegance, Availability, Efficiency, and Humanity are our key principles. Rashid Hospital Dubai – the United Arab Emirates is much more than a medical facility.

We’ve built the best health system, working every day to make life better for our patients and the public by delivering superior health treatment with cutting-edge innovation and international professionals who have earned gold-standard certification from leading companies. In the UAE, we are innovators and enthusiastic leaders in medical, aesthetics, and rehabilitative treatments.

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What do they offer?

Rashid Hospital recognizes the value of medical practitioners collaborating across all medical and assistance programs to deliver better possible outcomes for our clients. This organized health strategy guarantees that every patient receives comprehensive healthcare guidance, regardless of their needs.

Emergency services in Rashid hospital

The Emergency Department delivers speed immediate care to UAE locals and tourists approaches to improving. Our objective is above and beyond our consumers’ emotional, intellectual, and social aspects. Based on globally accepted global trends, we are obligated to offer patient safety while bearing in view the variety of the UAE’s multiethnic society. The Paramedics is open twenty-four hours per day, 7 days per week to treat all types of incidents and traumas for people of all ages.

Sections of Trauma and Orthopedics

This section specializes in musculoskeletal (muscle tissue and joints) issues, with a focus on severe trauma. Patients who have sustained this form of catastrophic damage require the services of a skilled surgeon. Our orthopedic trauma surgeons have vast expertise in complicated and minute surgical treatments involving muscular restoration. Severe injuries that endanger someone’s life, in particular, necessitate a specialized and organized strategy for urgent and following treatment and disposal to avoid orientation and impairment aftershock.

Section of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that focuses just on the restoration of facial and bodily deformities caused by deformities, accidents, burns, and illnesses. Plastic surgery, which is rehabilitative in design, is aimed to address defective aspects of the body.

Cosmetic surgery is a distinct branch of medicine that focuses on improving one’s looks using surgical and medicinal treatments. All parts of the head, neck, and body can be treated with plastic procedures. Plastic procedures are optional because treated parts function normally but lose visual quality.


Patients with aortic stenosis are served by the medical center, which provides highly technical scientific proof medical care. Rashid Hospital’s cardiologist service was project quality certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2016 with an illness accreditation in Acute Coronary Syndrome for quality standards in treating a patient recovering from heart problems and some other cardiac illnesses. In 2009, the department received this certification for the very first time, making it the first in the Mideast to receive this illness accredited in this discipline. The department is well-known for providing cutting-edge cardiac care.

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Administrative services

Health cards and medical reports  

We frequently get inquiries for private health evaluations and reports when they are needed.

Section of Customer Relations

Our key objective is to organize all public affairs operations as effectively as possible. The client services department is dedicated to providing all the finest and most expedient solutions to consumers who want assistance. This is accomplished through collaborating and connecting with consumers and management, as well as recognizing and resolving client issues and complaints.

Unit of Community Services

The social services section assists patients and family members under national laws and regulations. Psychologists are committed to improving patients’ circumstances and bringing joy to their faces. They collaborate with a variety of groups, particularly charities, to assist the patient that needs it.


Service for Patient Portals

Your health information has become available to you. Our Patient Portal allows our clients to quickly and easily obtain their health data, examine hospital visit records, check pharmaceutical data, score processes, book reservations, and, eventually, make a connection with their doctors via email.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

During their visit, all patients and guests have access to free Wi-Fi throughout the Clinic and Hospital.


The Hummingbird Café is a senior management eating area on the Hospital’s bottom floor that serves foreign foods.

Prayer Rooms

 For the comfort of our patients, prayer rooms are placed throughout Rashid Hospital.

Valet and parking

We provide gratis valet service to all patients and guests, as well as free self-parking throughout the hospitals and even in the underground garage.

Reception Assistance and Disabled Patient Services

At the Clinics and Hospitals welcome desks, our guest services staff will direct you to your consultation and accompany our clients with impairments and special requirements.

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315 Umm Hurair Second, Po Box 4545 Dubai, UAE

Contact us

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone No.: (24/7): 800342(DHA)
  • Outside UAE (24/7): +971-42198888
  • Fax:  971-4-3113222

Timing of Rashid hospital

  • Morning timing: 07:30-14:30
  • Afternoon timing:  15:00-22:30


In Rashid Hospital, a team of highly qualified physicians, medics, and other medical professionals work together to handle all kinds of emergency patients. They are also aided by fully skilled acute care personnel who deal with survivors of serious accidents.

Furthermore, the Services can manage 40 urgent cases at the very same time since it has the essential tools to deal with such scenarios. In light of the Medical Department’s importance at Rashid Hospital, and the exceptional services it provides to patients, as well as the good services provided to UAE society.

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