Mushrif Park


Mushrif Park is regarded among the most attractive and historical parkland in Dubai, with its huge parks and gardens, grill, camping sites, and many recreational facilities such as water parks, bike paths, and football stadiums, as well as several locations designed for children.

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The Mushrif Park Dubai, including some of the nicest parks in Dubai, is located in Deira’s Mushrif area and is also one of the city’s oldest parks. This was established in 1974 on a space of 125 acres, and in 1989 AD, it completed extension and repair work and became one of the most prominent public parks for people in Dubai, attracting the greatest number of people every year.

Mushrif Park
Mushrif Park

Business motto

Mushrif Central Park, set amongst 14 hectares of serene manicured formally and informally parks and forest plazas, will have various new diversions and services, along with an immersive science museum and a zoo.

A botany garden and shady house are available for agronomists and people who just love plants and animals, while Abu Dhabi’s artists and historical tradition will be maintained through the resort’s arts center and art museum.

What do they offer?

International village in Mushrif Park

The International Village at Mushrif Park also has 13 replicas of Arabic and European dwellings, including the Deutsch House, from which you can see what a classic German Hausbarn appears like. You’ll be captivated by what a purple toadstool home might look as if it were realistic, or by how authentic the Thai house imitation in Mushrif Park seems.

The tourist has the impression that he is roaming about in a genuine town. Mushrif Park Dubai is among the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai since it offers a variety of unique activities.

Aventura Park

Aventura Park in Mushrif Park offers a variety of obstacles that range in ability from easy to challenging. Select your adrenaline grade and experience some amazing news time just on Commando, Explorador, Horror, Aventura, or Intense tracks.

Aventura Park in Mushrif Park
Aventura Park in Mushrif Park

But if anything, Aventura boasts several tracks where you may swing about in the open air. The entrance age is 6 years old. Aventura Park Dubai is an independent organization with an entry policy.

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Ticket price for Aventura park

  • For a visitor pass AED 10.
  • 149 AED for kids who are below 1.4m in height
  • AED 185 for adults who are above 1.4m in height

Astronomy center of Mushrif park

The astronomy center at Mushrif Park was established some few years back. This was founded in 2018 on the command of His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to promote Arabian heritage and encourage the research of aerospace technologies in the nation.

The center has the biggest telescope in the area, which is open to the general public for viewing. The following activities are provided to attendees at the facility beginning at AED 10:

  • Observing with a Telescope: Get a close-up look at the celestial bodies on the cheap.
  • Solar Observation: Visit these places early in the morning to see sun displays at the astronomy center.
  • Shows: The site includes a theater performance and an Astro Cinema wherein guests may see movies.

Apart from these activities in Mushrif Park, visitors can also enjoy a visit to Al Thuraya Astronomy Institute for AED 20.

Amazing things to do in Mushrif Park

Bird watching

Even though you’re alone and simply have a pair of binoculars, there’s enough to do when it comes to discovering the different activities at Mushrif Park. This lovely family space in Dubai has a well-kept public garden. The garden, which is densely packed with greenery, also serves as a haven for native birds, particularly birds.

While strolling across the area, look for the cheerful Rufous-tailed robin and yellow-throated sparrows. Peacocks are also strutting their stuff — there is much to hold you occupied observing birds.

Animal rides

Animal rides are among the most pleasant activities at Mushrif Park, especially for children. Mushrif Park has an agricultural center in which you and your children may learn and enjoy horseback riding. The park is indeed a fantastic area to go camel rides in Dubai.


Swimming is one of those on the sequence of tasks to do in Mushrif Park. Children and adults can swim in the park’s public pools. These lakes are governed by the city administration and park administration.

Swimming pools in Mushrif Park may be accessed for a modest price of AED 10 for seniors and AED 5 for children. This cost is distinct from the admission price to Mushrif Park.

Playing a sport in Mushrif park

Mushrif Park events also include only some handball, tennis, hockey, and volleyball facilities. If you’re a part of the educational team or simply searching for an entertaining game to play with your coworkers, here is the place to be.

Stream your favourite sport on the floor, sharpen your abilities, or slam away to pass the time with a satisfying pastime.

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Riding a train

Travelling the train is amongst the most influential Mushrif Park actions, as it will start taking the visitor on even a brief tour to gain knowledge about more key aspects of the Mushrif Park.

Furthermore, the channels and occasions in it, and that this train is the most popular game to play once they take a trip to the park, and Mushrif Park is also one of the visitor places in Dubai. Where in Mushrif are spaces and equipment meant for kids to gain play in complete safety.

Fun-filled picnic

The park’s expansive green surroundings provide an effortless backdrop for spending valuable and personal moments with your family members.

Indeed, for so much vitamin D, as well as plenty of clean air and enjoyable times, this location is ideal for sitting back and unwinding.  So prepare your picnic basket and bring your favourite meals and beverages with your next vacation trip in Dubai.

Have fun at barbecues

Nothing beats a BBQ party on a cold winter day or midnight to connect with your dear ones. And the expansive BBQ area inside Mushrif Park’s lush vastness makes it an attractive destination for a placed trip in Dubai. Start bringing the mutton, spices, seasonings, etc., and have a great time while burning off your tension in the barbecue pits placed in a relaxing environment.

Mushrif park timings

  • Mushrif park opens on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • And on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • It opens in Ramadan: from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Mushrif park entry ticket price

  • Entry fees for adults are 2 AED
  • Entry fees for a car are 10 AED
  • For disabled persons and children under 2 years’ entry fees are free of cost.


About fifteen kilometres away from Dubai city center, Mushrif Park is located in district Mushrif, on Al Khawaneej road, in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Contact us

For any inquiry, you have to call on the contact numbers of Mushrif Park.

  • Landline: +971 (0)4 288 3624
  • Phone number: +971 (0)50 858 9893
  • +971 (0)50 856 5076


So, if you want to get to know a new aspect of Dubai, don’t go too far. Only a ten-minute ride away out from the city center, you’ll arrive at Mushrif Park Dubai, that either is now one of the state’s biggest secrets, enhanced by an astounding abundance of organic beauty, peaceable repose, and awesome facilities that all representatives of your team are confident to genuinely enjoy to the fullest.

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