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Life pharmacy: The science and practice of medicine synthesis and standardization is known as a pharmacy. The pharmacies grow the plants that are used as medicines. It is also involved in the production of such chemicals that are used in medicines preparation. Pharmacists must prepare drugs of different types, such as tablets, capsules, and sterile injectable solutions.

There are different types of pharmacies. These types include community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, consulting pharmacy, ambulatory care pharmacy, regulatory pharmacy, home care pharmacy. Some pharmacists run the pharmacies. And also, they have some responsibilities that are below:

  • The quality of drugs delivered to patients 
  • Verifying that the delivery of medicines is legal 
  • They are ensuring that the medicines recommended to patients are appropriate in informing patients about medications. They also give the patients information about how to take medicine. Also, tell them what reaction occurs due to the use of prescribed treatment. 

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LIFE began its career as a retail pharmacy business in 1996. This pharmacy has achieved high success due to its strong determination in the last 20 years. Starting with one shop, the firm now includes over 270+ retail locations. These 270 retail outlets have Pharmacies, Healthcare Hypermarkets, Health and Wellness stores. So, they serve an annual client base of over 10 million walk-ins.

The number of branches of LIFE increased, which gave him an exceptional growth in turnover and profitability by increasing its number of outlets. Furthermore, the presence to double the existing store count in the next two years, raising the current store count to 300 by the end of 2021.

LIFE Healthcare Group pioneered various unique pharmaceutical distribution ideas in the region. Among these is the GCC’s first Healthcare Hypermarket. It considers the Middle East’s first Drive-Thru pharmacy and the region’s first Shop-in-Shop concept in healthcare.

 LIFE has been successful in adjusting to developments in the profession of pharmacy retailing throughout the years. And also gain success in the area of retail management, allowing it to preserve its position as an industry leader.

Products of LIFE pharmacy

LIFE Pharmacy provides different types of Healthcare products to meet the needs of patients. These products include medications, cosmetics, lifestyle items, and medical equipment. Anyone who walks into LIFE Pharmacies directly demands it. This attraction is because of the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the excellent service.

The pharmacy’s customer-centric concept is evident in every outlet aspect, in line with the best standards globally. The goal is to deliver a pleasant experience that is considered superior to any other drugstore. LIFE Pharmacy provides a large variety of items in a variety of areas in Healthcare retail.

 The LIFE pharmacy gives some services that include Free Home Delivery, Free Health Screening, Free Skin & Hair Analysis, Health notes Kiosk, Drug Information.

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Brand evaluation

LIFE offers a unique shop experience for clients through specific needs. Also resulting in customer trust. Moreover, ensuring improved access and utilization of medical services at low costs. The secret to good retailing is to provide customer happiness every time a consumer walks in continually.

The classical, golden buying values that bring selling to LIFE are trust, customer respect, and exceeding consumer expectations. LIFE Healthcare Group is founded on a simple but profound, customer-centric approach. In this case, the customer is king. And the basic rule of business is to serve others without expecting anything in return.


LIFE has spent much in research to understand its clients’ desires, and their trust is valuable. LIFE has achieved its reputation as a retail pharmacy industry leader via unwavering efforts and excellent service. Numerous prizes and awards have resulted from hard action in healthcare, nutrition, hygiene, and beauty in a pleasant, friendly, and efficient atmosphere.

LIFE has received several national awards, particularly for its outstanding customer service. In the Best Retail-Customer Service category, LIFE got the DSF 2010 Innovation Award. In 2011, LIFE got an award in healthcare and beauty in the Retail ME awards. The store manager of the 2012-year award also got the LIFE pharmacy.

Also, in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 continuously won the award of most admired Retail Pharmacy.  Additionally, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, LIFE won the popular super brand position continuously for eight years. Furthermore, this has a membership of the DSES program. DSES is the program that makes shopping in Dubai enjoyable.  


There are some novelties that LIFE Health Care Group presents in the pharmaceutical market. Also, some of the innovations are as follows:

  • In the GCC, it’s the first healthcare hypermarket
  • Medical Equipment like WheelChairs, Electric Wheel Chairs, Medical Beds, Oxygen Concentrators, etc., by LIFE healthcare for the first time on a charge.
  • It’s the most significant healthcare in the New Dubai
  • It has 24X7 Pharmacies in the UAE that is the highest number.
  • First Drive-Thru Pharmacy in the Middle East
  • LIFE healthcare is the only pharmacy in the world that represents more than 150 exclusive brands.
  • This chain of pharmacies wins the superbrand status five years continuously.

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