Children in UAE to get Chinese SinoFarm Vaccination

The UAE government has taken a big step to wholly eradicate the Covid 19. According to a major website, the UAE government has announced that Children in UAE to get Chinese SinoFarm Vaccination. Also, a Twitter message from the UAE Ministry of Health said that they are going to give Sino-farm vaccines to minors from 03 to 17 to prevent coronavirus.

UAE is second rank in World for Vaccination

The United Arab Emirates took all the possible steps to control the Corona epidemic in the country with excellent results. The UAE also ranks second in the world in terms of the corona vaccination rate. In addition, the rate of PCR testing daily has also exceeded 200,000.

Is it safe and effective for Children in UAE to get Chinese SinoFarm?

According to the Ministry of Health, Ministry launched the clinical trials in June to test the effects of the Sino-Farm vaccine on children, in which 900 children between the ages of 3 and 17 were given the Sino-Farm vaccine and then under constant medical supervision.

The efficacy of this vaccine assessed in Clinical trials has shown that the vaccine is highly effective in protecting children and minors from corona and has no side effects.

Trials for Childern went smooth

Ministry sought permission from the parents of the children involved in the trials. After the minor volunteers were vaccinated, they were placed under medical supervision by the Ministry of Health. These volunteer children came from different countries. Following the fact that the vaccine proved effective in children, the ministry decided to start its use on children between 3 and 17.

Why Children in UAE to get Chinese SinoFarm?

Children will get a vaccination in the UAE as a matter of urgency so that people of all ages in the country are free from the deadly coronavirus. Help provide protection.

The health ministry says the UAE is the first country in the Gulf region and North Africa to conduct clinical vaccine trials on young children, with positive results.

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