Emirati visa holders Pakistani Passengers offloaded from planes

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday, August 6, 2021, allowed the return of passengers from several countries, including Pakistan, who had been stranded in their home country for several months due to a travel ban. This good news also made thousands of Emirati visa holders Pakistani happy.

However, they faced severe problems when the Pakistani passengers arrived in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad to return.

What is the reason of offloading Emirati visa holders Pakistani ?

Airport officials said that the UAE government had made it a condition for passengers to take PCR Rapid Antigen test for 4 hours from the flight. However, this test is not available in Pakistani laboratories. For this reason, Emirates and Fly Dubai have refused to take Pakistani passengers to the UAE.

It is because they did not have a Rapid Antigen report.

More than 70 passengers traveling to Dubai on Emirates Flight 601-EK and Similarly, more than 300 passengers on flights from Islamabad to Dubai did not get boarding passes. 

New SOPs for Pakistanis traveling to UAE

New travel SOPs for Pakistani Passengers and all other coming from previously banned countries are as follow

  • It is mandatory that before boarding a flight to the UAE, passengers must have a negative report of the PCR test, which has not exceeded 48 hours issued at the time of departure.
  • This test report must be from an approved laboratory, which will also need a QR code for verification. 
  • At least fourteen days must pass before receiving the second dose during the journey.
  • Passengers will also have a rapid corona test for up to four hours before boarding. 
  • Only travelers with valid resident visa and a certificate of both doses of the vaccine can enter in UAE.

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