All You Need to Know About Emirates Auction

Emirates Auction is a UAE-based Auction Company. It was founded in 2004. The company specializes in vehicle license plates, automobiles, real estate, properties, VIP mobile numbers, Asset liquidation, Jewelry, Heavy machines, Time-sensitive items, and construction equipment.

Emirates auction gives you the details of location, Services, and several other information. You can quickly get the location of the house that is selling at auction. Bid on it, pay it and start living in it. Now here is a question: why is Emirates Auction?

Why to Choose Emirates Auction?

The only reason for choosing Emirates Auctions is that they provide the complete information, including location, PO Box. You can further ask them questions in live chat related to the house and Appraisers.

Emirates auction now makes it easy for you to buy a good home in an auction. It offers the services of Auction houses and Appraises for any city in UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Now search for hundreds of auction houses listing in UAE with complete details.

One of the best parts is you can list your company for free of cost.

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200 Online & Physical Auctions per Year

The Emirates auction is one of the best companies. With the increase in sales and registered bidders across the UAE. It has become the leading auctioneer that conducts over 200 online and physical auctions per year. (3 auctions take place over all segments).

How to Bid on an Emirates Auction?

No hard and fast rule is in place for bidding in Emirates Auction. Here are the few steps that you need to follow:

  • Register yourself on the official website of Emirates auction
  • You will get the activation code on your smartphone.
  • Use the activation code to get yourself registered on the website.
  • After getting registered, you can quickly bid on the item by depositing a specific amount depending on the value mentioned in the article.

With great customer support, you can drop a message on the live chat about the issue. They will surely reply to you quickly.

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The user interface of the official website is easy to understand for beginners as well. You can easily find out the categories. Detailed information about the auction is shared on the website.

 Types of Auctions 

Emirates auction is one of the best auction platforms available for UAE citizens. It is straightforward to find auction houses, vehicles, and many other things without searching it on every website. The official website provides you with complete information about auctions. You can quickly bid on car plates, including Abu Dhabi plates, Sharjah plates. Different auctions are provided and some of them are listed below: 

  • Shops auction 
  • Cars auction 
  • Auction on general items 
  • Property auctions
  • Vehicle license plates 
  • Asset liquidation
  • Heavy machinery 
  • Construction equipment 

Hence, you can easily find any auction under their roof. They bring ease to the people living in the UAE. It is breaking 7 Guinness World records along the way and giving the best auction services from government and private sectors. 

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