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In May 2003, Dubai Police launched a major initiative: a dedicated home security service in their Dubai police app to protect homes when they were away. This free service is to recover residents who have long wanted to leave their homes and travel abroad without a home.

The initial version of the service was launched a year ago, in May 2002. Dubai residents can now use the service through the Dubai Police’s Smart Home Security app.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, served as UAE Minister of Defense and Head of Dubai Police and Public Security, made this move. 

This helpful home security service demonstrates the desire of the Dubai Police to fight crime and strengthen public relations. Al-Shrid was currently serving as director of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Counter-Security Division, which oversees home security.

Home Security by Dubai Police App:

The Dubai Police launched the Free Home Security Service to address a vital issue in the UAE, a summer burglary and a possible burglary when overseas countries have long been in their homes.

Of course, the service didn’t only limit the summer, and you can use it at any time of the year when you have to leave Dubai. Part of the Home Security Service’s effort is to educate homeowners about making their properties safer. Villa residents across Dubai can take advantage of this service through the Dubai Police website. This service is available in both English and Arabic.

Since 2003, the demand for this service has been overgrown, although the exact number of people who have used this service is not available. We know, for example, that home protection enrollment increased by 35% between 2017 and 2018, indicating the program’s success.

Police have also put up billboards in areas such as Mardev to alert intruders with home surveillance warnings.

Registering with the service is very easy, and you can sign up before leaving the country by completing the registration at the airport. You can also register with the Smart Home Security app while travelling outside of Dubai.

You can download the application from the below links according to your device Compatability:


Advance Home Security and Surveillance:

Since 2018, Dubai Police has teamed up with Dow and Transguard to enhance the intelligent security app with cameras and other surveillance equipment in the villas. Trans Guard is one of the best security companies in Dubai and has now joined hands with the Dubai Police to secure homes.

Easily download the Dubai Police Smart Home Security app for home security services and enter details such as home location and travel time. The Dubai Police will then send regular patrols to your home, regardless of your site.

The Smart Home Security app also allows you to identify the location of your home so that Dubai Police patrols know that the house is vacant and should investigate suspicious activity.

As already mentioned, you can also choose the services of Do or Trans Guard to install cameras and sensors in your villa so that the police can monitor your home from their command room.

About 1,300 home security cameras installed in residential units since 2017. According to police reports, there has been a 10% decrease in domestic thefts during the same period.

Notable areas where SMART home security implemented include Odd Al-Mutaina, where more than 500 homes are monitoring under the program.

Dow uses state-of-the-art devices such as Apple Home Security Camera to enhance the innovative home solution in most villas. Users can use Wi-Fi to operate the cameras. In addition, the user will have the option to monitor their home on a smartphone. In addition, these cameras have built-in sensors that activate the innovative Wi-Fi alarm system if someone tries to enter them.

For those who install home security cameras in their homes, Dubai Police ensure complete privacy, and no one can access the footage without the landlord’s permission.

How to Apply for the service?

You can register directly for home security by requesting the Dubai Police website or the Smart Home Security app. You can also inquire at the call centre (901).

In addition, you can personally fill out applications by visiting your nearest Dubai Police Office from 07:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Criteria for Registration:

To register for the service, you must be a resident of Dubai with valid identification and an active email address.


You can use the Dubai Police Home Security Service for free. However, you need to pay a one-time fee for the AED 1000 (for the basic package) to install a security camera at home.

Alternatively, you can also install a transguard security system in your villa for one year for an initial payment of AE 649 and a monthly fee of AED 195. The system includes cameras, sensors, and smoking. They will also train you to use these tools. In addition, Trans Guard also collects valuables such as jewellery and cash from your home for safety equipment.

When can you Register?

With the Dubai Police Smart App, you can also register for this service while travelling abroad.

Who can Apply?

Anyone who lives in a Dubai villa can register for this service. It includes both villa owners and tenants.

Things to Remember

Although Dubai police are always on guard to protect your home, they also expect you to follow basic security protocols to minimize the chances of robberies. These include:

  • Lock all entrances to your home, including windows
  • Locking cupboards or safes where you keep your valuables
  • Ask neighbours, friends, or relatives to inspect your home from time to time
  • Hide your keys clearly
  • Depositing cash, jewellery, and valuables in the bank.

In summary, Home Security is one of the many intelligent services launched by Dubai Police to fulfil the vision of a safe and stable city. You can also check out our guide on intelligent police stations in Dubai and read about their services that make Dubai one of the safest cities in the world.

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