How to register on Dubai Now Application

Citing the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, Smart Dubai has launched a user-friendly app for residents. Dubai Now – Dubai’s first unified services smart app ensures access to more than 120 services at your fingertips.

Launched in 2015, Dubai Now is listed as one of Dubai’s top official apps. It is a platform that gives the user access to a wide range of public and private sector services.

Dubai now brings you more than 115 intelligent services from more than 34 government agencies. This app can still be the ultimate success of ‘Smart Dubai,’ just for the convenience of all its comfort levels.

How to register on Dubai NOW App

To register your account on DUBAI NOW and enjoy the unlimited services, you have to follow the below procedure:

(1)- First of all, download the application from the below links according to your device compatibility.



(2)- Now, open the application and select language from two given options (ARABIC, ENGLISH).

(3)- After that, click on “Create Account” and then add your details, including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

(4)- After adding the above information, you will have to add your emirates id, an optional column.

(5)- After adding your emirates id, now choose a password for your account and then click on “Next.”

(6)- Once you did all the above steps, your account will be made. Now add your account credentials and click on login. You will receive an OTP at your given mobile number. Add the verification code in the given column and click on next. Now you will be login to your account.

Services of Dubai NOW App

Dubai offers a variety of services, including:

(1)- Enable you to pay all your bills.

(2)- Helping you manage driving costs.

(3)- Helping you understand the dynamics of housing, health, and education.

(4)- Offer access to police and security departments.

(5)- Assist in travel matters.

(6)- Create your digital business card and share it seamlessly as a vCard or QR code

(7)- View the official Dubai Sports Calendar from the Dubai Sports Council, and select your favorite sport to receive notifications

(8)- View Dubai Calendar

(9)- Find your nearest ATM and find the fastest route to reach it

(10)- It also helps you recharge your SALIK. For example, it would help if you tap on the SALIK icon, quickly register your RTA account, and top up with one click. In addition, you can configure all your payments to be fully automated.

Features of Dubai Now Application

Typically, people use the Dubai No app to pay their bills for Etisalat, Diva, Dow, Empower, and NOL. However, there are several ways this app might work for you, such as:

Utility and Bills Payment:

With the help of this application, you can pay bills for:

  1. Dubai Customs
  2. SALIK
  3. Dubai Municipality
  4. Du Prepaid
  5. Etisalat
  6. FEWA
  7. Empower
  8. NOL
  9. Du 
  10. DEWA
  11. ENOC VIP

Note: You can also top up your SALIK, NOL, and Customs accounts

Manage Driving things:

With Dubai Now, you can manage everything related to driving, such as:

  1. Paying traffic fines.
  2. Car registration renewal
  3. View, update, and top up seeker accounts.
  4. Pay parking fees.
  5. Pay for fuel at ENOC stations and recharge your ENOC VIP account.
  6. Seasonal parking purchase.
  7. Buying or Selling a Car
  8. Purchase and renewal of car insurance.
  9. View real-time traffic accident locations.
  10. Detect suitable locations of EV chargers, registration centers, and fuel stations.

Manage Housing Things:

With the help of this application, you can manage almost all house things, including:

  1. Pay your DEWA bills
  2. View your Dewa accounts, receipts, and receipts, as well as download your Dewa bill
  3. View your Dewa consumption details
  4. Activate your Dewa account when you move into a new home
  5. Sign a tenancy agreement and get your wages (Ejari)
  6. View the status of your Ejari agreement
  7. View and manage the properties of the property you own and rent
  8. See RERA Rent Increase Calculator
  9. Order services for your home such as moving, painting, and cleaning 
  10. Apply to activate the phone, internet, and TV connection via Du. 
  11. Confirm the process of any title in UAE
  12. View the list of properties from “SAMSARI” and “Dubai Assets Management.” 
  13. Visit Muhammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment and apply for it, use their loan calculator and apply for the letter

Manage Residence Visa:

With the Dubai Now app, you can take action on resident visa issues in UAE

  1. Apply, renew or cancel a residence visa for family dependents.
  2. View your dependents’ entry permits and residence visas.
  3. Check the application status of residence visas, tourist visas, and entry permits.
  4. Request for official travel and dependent reports from GDRFA.

Health Services:

DUBAI NOW application provides the following health services:

  1. Keep an eye on your and your family’s medical appointments, lab results, and prescriptions.
  2. Manage your and your family vaccination plan
  3. Find all doctors, including doctors, clinics, and hospitals, registered with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and book a medical appointment.
  4. Find pharmacies around you that contain 24-hour medications.

Educational Services:

DUBAI NOW is an excellent resource for new students / or parents who want to find all the information about education professionals in the city. You can use this app to

  1. Find schools in the KHDA School Directory by rank, fee, and curriculum.
  2. Sign the KHDA School Agreement immediately.
  3. Get KHDA’s educational history.
  4. Find universities and training institutes.

Manage Security Services:

Another area where the app is most valuable is policing and security. Use it:

  1. Obtain a police clearance certificate from Dubai Police.
  2. Find the nearest police station.
  3. Ask about the status of a case pending in a court.
  4. Call emergency services in Dubai such as the fire department, police, and ambulance.

Travel Assistance:

Dubai now is your new travel assistant.

  1. You can track the actual time flight status of Dubai Airport.
  2. You can also inquire about the queries related to the lost and found department at Dubai Airport.

Religious Services:

Dubai now also provides religious services.

  1. Review daily prayer times
  2. Search for the nearest mosque.
  3. Pay Iftaar food and pay Zakat for Ramadan.


With the help of this application, you can also send donations to a large number of facilities, including:

  1. Noor Dubai
  2. Inmates
  3. Beit Al Kheir
  4. Dubai Cares
  5. AWQAF 
  6. Dar Al Ber
  7. Suqia
  8. Al Jalila 

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