How to Apply for a UAE Work Visa

Whether or not you need a UAE visa depends on your nationality. Some countries are allowed to enter the UAE without a permit or get one upon arrival, while others have to get it before traveling. If you are going to UAE for Work, then you need to apply for a UAE Work Visa.

What is UAE Work Visa?

Foreign nationals wishing to reside in the UAE for a more extended period must have a residence visa. In addition, if you want to be allowed to work, you must have a work permit for the UAE.

However, first of all, you will need an employer who is willing to hire you and start the necessary procedures to obtain your employment visa and work permit for the UAE.

Moreover, Employment visas for Dubai, or any other Emirati in the UAE, come with specific rules to ensure that workers’ rights are not violated.

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Eligibility Criteria for UAE Work Visa

Any foreigner over the age of 18 can work in the UAE, provided they meet the criteria set by the Ministry of Human Resources and UAE (MHHR).


There is no maximum age for working in the UAE, but the company pays higher fees for workers over 65. To be allowed to operate in the UAE, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. The company you hire must have a valid license
  3. The company should not have any violations
  4. The work you do should be in keeping with the nature of the company you hire

Categories of Workers:

There are three categories of Foreign workers according to their educational qualifications/skill sets.

  • If you have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • If you have a post-secondary diploma in any fieldIf you have a high school diploma

How to Apply for UAE Work Visa

Your employer must obtain a work permit from you. However, The Ministry of Human Resources and Emergencies (MHHRE) is in charge of issuing work permits to the UAE. However, The process for applying for a UAE work permit is as follows:

  1. The employer gets the hard copy of the application for a work permit on the TasHeel website, the Ministry of Labor’s online system.
  2. They provide the required documents. When applying for a work visa for the UAE, you need several supporting documents, such as:
    • Your original passport with a copy of your passport
    • A passport size photo as per UAE requirements
    • Copies of your academic credentials.
    • A medical certificate.
    • Documents used by the company to serve you, such as the company’s commercial license or company card
  3. The Ministry reviews their application and asks them to re-submit any documents or correct any irregularities they deem necessary.
  4. The ministry issues approvals, which employers can come and download from the Ministry’s website.

Fees for Work Visa

The UAE WORK VISA fees are as follows.

  • Application for initial approval of a new electronic work permit: AED 200 for each category/degree
  • Approval of new electronic work permits (recruitment, employment, and their labor card):
  1. Category 1: AED 300
  2. Category 2:
    1. 600 AED
    2. 1,500 AED
    3. 2,000 AED
  3. Category 3: AED 5000
  4. For foreign workers over the age of 65: AED 5000 in all categories

Depending on the company’s skilled and unskilled workers, the second type is divided into levels. Also, in most cases, it is your employer who covers the costs of the UAE work permit.

However, On complete submission of documents, it usually takes about five working days for the Ministry to issue a work permit.

Validity of Work Visa in Dubai/UAE

A work permit is valid for 30 days when you first receive it and can be extended for 30 days. It gives you 60 days to stay in the country, during which you and your employer have to arrange for a residence visa, UAE identity, and your labor card.

It is a residence visa in addition to a labor card that allows you to live and work in the UAE legally. However, UAE resident visas are valid for 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the purpose of your trip and the discretion of the UAE authorities.

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