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MOL UAE- The Ministry of Labour was developed in 1971 and is divided into four major sectors. So, these four sectors include labour, inspection, policies and strategies, and support services. Furthermore, in Dubai and the UAE, all work-related matters are managed by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or the Labour Department.

The MOL is responsible for providing work permits (or labour cards) and enforcing labour restrictions on eligible persons.  However, residence visas and entrance permits are not issued by the Ministry of Labor. Instead, they are handled by the relevant UAE immigration agency (in Dubai, the DNRD).

It is important to note that an Employment Entry Permit (also known as an employment visa) is not a labour card or work permit. So, it is an entry permit given by the immigration department for entrants.

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Aims of MOL

It tries to achieve seven significant objectives, which are as follows:

  • Propose national regulations governing business and labour relations, as well as the authority to enforce them.
  • Managing the business market and establishing appropriate labour rules for the country.
  • Labor relations organization to provide stability, increase production and provide job opportunities.
  • Involvement in the formulation of national economic and social policies
  • Additionally, providing exceptional services to meet the demands of users by applicable laws and regulations
  • Also, providing opportunities for nationals to work to support and encourage their efforts.
  • Serving for the organization and assisting with labour relations on an international and Arab scale.

Electronic transfer of services

The Ministry of Labour is concerned with establishing its services and making sure of their quality. So, in this way, they increase the trust of its users. So, the Ministry has begun the electronic conversion of its services since 2007. Moreover, this is to keep up with the smart government and improve the country’s ease of doing business.

The Ministry transferred all of its services to electronic format under the term “TASHEEL” in 2008. So, this conversion became more efficient. This approach has had a lot of success on all levels.

Most Ministry services are now available electronically. Additionally, this occurs after connecting with the Ministry of Interior for linking the work visa with the “Entry Visa Issuance to Work Service.”

To stay up with the competent government, the Ministry has had several achievements. Additionally, the Ministry has achieved and carried out the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum is the vice president of the UAE, Prime Minister of Dubai, and Ruler of Dubai.

Moreover, renewal of expired ID, recovery of bank guarantee, cancellation of unexpired work license, and payment of work license costs are the most commonly utilized services.

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For online employment checking information

  1. Go to the MOL website at
  2. Go to Home > Services > Enquiry Services > choose from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the needed information and press the Search button.

Procedure for filing a complaint

Here are some actions to take if you have an issue or a complaint. However, try to avoid taking any serious action (such as immediately leaving your job) without first contacting the MOL. So, if you are being harassed, mistreated, attacked, or otherwise harmed, call or go to the police.

ü  To seek guidance or clarification, call the MOL helpdesk. Moreover, because information may be conflicting, try contacting them again to obtain a second opinion.

ü  To obtain legal advice, contact a lawyer (or more than one lawyer). A phone call is free, and you may receive an opinion or piece of advice. A visit to a lawyer for a meeting would typically cost AED 500-2000 per hour (sometimes cheaper for a first visit).

ü  Visit a Tasheel office to make a complaint or for simple guidance or information. They are always beneficial.

MOL UAE- Ministry of Labour UAE
MOL UAE- Ministry of Labour UAE

ü  At a Tasheel center, you can file a case against your company or a team member. Furthermore, it is inexpensive (around AED 20 when we visited in 2017), quick, and simple to perform. So, if you’re a team member, bring your passport or Emirates ID or a copy if you don’t have either. However, you’ll also need the cell phone number of someone in charge at your firm.

Additionally, filing a case may require the other party to at least attempt a reasonable conversation. Moreover, the MOL actively attempts to communicate with the other party or bring the two parties together.  So, employers in certain circumstances have reacted more harshly, for example, by firing the team member or filing a criminal complaint with the police.

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MOL helpline

So if anyone has issues related to the labour such as work conditions, work permits, labour cards, or contracts, the person calls the helpline numbers. Furthermore, two helpline numbers include 800-665 (old number) or 800-60 (new one). The calls on these numbers are free.

MOL online services

For Employers (requires an organization code or number, as well as a transaction number)

  • Receipt of Bank Guarantee Refund Approval
  •  Information on bank guarantees
  •  Employer and company information
  •  Employees of the company
  • Team member specifics
  • Approval for E-Abscond
  • Status of E-Quotas
  • Status of Immigration Establishment Link
  • Employees’ Labor Card and Work Permit Status
  • Permission to Work on Mission
  • Team member Salary Certificates
  • Salary File Creation Tool for the Wages Protection System (WPS) (SIF file)
  • Receipt of Work Permit

For employees and workers (need labor card or passport number)

  • Application Status
  • Status and information of labour Card and Work Permit, also for new applications
  • Mission Work Permit status
  • Submission of E-complain (complaint)
  • Contract Information of the employment
  • Salary Certificates of salary
  • Salary Complaint submission and status checking

Wages Protection System (WPS)

The UAE Wages Protection System (WPS) was created by the UAE Central Bank and Ministry of Labour. Additionally, this system ensures and maintains electronic income transfers to workers through participating banks, exchange bureaus, and other financial institutions.

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MOL offices

1.   Location: Abu Dhabi

              Telephone No.: +971-2-6671700

               Fax No.: +971-2-6665889

               PO Box: 805

2.   Location: Ajman

          Telephone No.: +971-6-7400444

            Fax No.: +971-6-7400555

            PO Box: 881

3.   Location: Abu Dhabi

             Telephone No.: +971-3-7629999

              Fax No.: +971-3-7629777

              PO Box: 1005

4.   Location: Fujairah

              Telephone No.: +971-9-2243888

              Fax No.: +971-9-2229340

              PO Box: 222

5.   Location: Sharjah

             Telephone No.: +971-6-5669777

             Fax No.: +971-6-5660369

            PO Box: 301


The creation of a ministry of labour and related sectors is one of the great intentions that was shown by the UAE government. Along with the digitalization of labour work, the MOL has revolutionized the whole UAE work system, which includes the wages protection system, online work services, complaint services, and many more.

If you are an employee or a simple daily wager in UAE, then definitely this article has helped you a lot. Keep an eye on the new amendments and announcements of the Ministry of Labor. For that purpose, the best way is to visit the MOL website that is also provided above. 

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