Golden Visa for Frontline workers visa

Golden Visa for Frontline workers visa: The UAE government has confirmed golden visas to frontline workers and their families. That relief is in recognition of their efforts to fight the Covid-19 outbreak. Long-term visas will be awarded to the families of slain battlefield heroes in honor of their contributions to the nation during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The UAE has already implemented several initiatives to recognize and incentivize the contributions of the country’s frontline employees. In July 2020, the president of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan signed a federal order to create the Frontline Heroes Office (FHO), which Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan would chief.

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Employees who are working in crisis management, emergency services, volunteers, security are eligible. Along with that humanitarian entities. Moreover, sterilization employees active in frontline activities are suitable for preventive protection.

Since its inception, the various incentives disclosed by the office have been a January 2018 program. And it gives increased medical insurance coverage. Plus, that is given to the nation’s disadvantaged frontline heroes and their immediate family members.

To establish the “Frontline Heroes Insurance Top-Up Programme,” The Frontline Heroes Office got money collaborating with the National Health Insurance Company (Daman).

How do I apply?

It further stated that Dubai-licensed practitioners might register for the service at According to the article, relevant offices dealing with long-term resident petitions would investigate the applications before issuing visas.

In addition, it went on to say that the philanthropic program will undoubtedly improve the lives of frontline personnel and their families. The measure would also reaffirm the country’s commitment. And providing remarkable individuals with a robust first line of defense.

The guidelines that issued have included the details. These include the relatives of those who died as a result of the devastating illness.  However, the people who assisted in protecting the country from infection would be eligible for visas, the Khaleej Times reported on Sunday. According to the article, doctors who have health regulatory agencies licenses can apply for the visa from July 2021.

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What exactly does the Golden Visa involve?

Further, it provides 5 to 10 years’ long-term residency in the golden visa system. However, those fall into different categories. Like scientific knowledge fields, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, individuals with exceptional talents, exceptional students, investors, and researchers.

What are the eligibility conditions for the Golden Visa?

The criteria differ depending on the organization. But on the persons adhering to the terms and conditions of the Golden Visa, they are all reliant.

Visa eligibility requirements for ten years

  • Investors with at least AED 10 million in state investment, whether in the form of a fund or a corporation
  • A minimum of 60% of the investment amount must not be in the form of real estate.
  • In the event of Investors, assets must acquire full rights, and money invested must not be borrowed
  • For at least three years, the investor must be capable of retaining the investment.

Individuals with specific skillsets

Scientists, doctors, researchers, artists, and investors include in the specialized talents group. Following accreditation from their relevant department and areas. These persons may be given a 10-year visa. Their direct family members for access are also applicable.

“The whole nursing community in the UAE is appreciative for this great initiative of recognition made by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed,” said Sarah Ilya, chief nursing supervisor of Aster Hospitals and Clinics UAE.

“We are trained in nursing school to serve with unselfish commitment. And also go above and beyond the call of duty to prioritize our patients over our loved ones. “Significance of nursing profession has known globally during this pandemic. “Covid-19 has shown the hardships, sacrifices, and hazards that a nurse faces daily,” she stated.

“There is only one aspect that nurses demand in return, and that is humble gratitude, nice gestures. And this is proven by UAE government to provide Golden Visas to frontline employees,” Sarah continued.


Personnel involved in the frontline reply to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as allied healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses. Along with these, waste disposal, housekeeping, cleaning, and other exposed staff (e.g., porters, pharmacists are also included.  Further, administrative, security, catering) and begun to fall frontline warriors, eligible at healthcare facilities (deceased workers) are also included.


After the UAE government has issued the visa grant for the frontline workers, the majority of the workers get curious about the guidelines and how they can fly to UAE. moreover, this article has tried to inform you about all the necessary details about the Golden visa for frontline workers. Hopefully, about the golden ticket, you got complete information.

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