The Lazy Man's Guide To Baskin Robbins in UAE

Baskin Robbins is a well-reputed platform of UAE which is famous for making delicious ice creams. Different ice creams with different flavours are available here, including Single Value Scoop Cup, Single Emlaaq Scoop Cup, Double Value Scoops Cup, and Brownie Ala Mode Junior. It also aims to provide different types of other ice cream flavours. In UAE They are also known as Baskin Robbins UAE

From 1945 Baskin-Robbins has launched 1300+ flavours till yet. In their 2019 addition, they introduced their two unique flavours, vegan and non-dairy.


Baskin-Robbins is also famous for its “31 flavours” slogan that came in 1953. The story behind this slogan is that the likes and dislikes can be different every day throughout the month. An advertising agency owned by Carson-Roberts proposed this slogan. In Baskin and Robbin’s opinion, customers need to taste sample flavours first free of cost then buy their favourite one.

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Story of Baskin-Robbins:

About seventy years ago, the ice-cream sellers only sold vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours. But at that time, two people named Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins had thirty-one mad and unique ideas about ice-cream flavours. Because they were lived in an imaginary world of ice cream where people only think, eat, and dream about ice cream. Both were completely mad and senseless about the ice cream. Even Robbins had a swimming pool that was the same as an ice cream cone. Because of their crazy passion, we have more than 1400 ice creams flavours today. In 1945, they established their ice cream business.

Company’s Logo:                       

The logo of the Baskin-Robins was upgraded in 2006. At that time, changed the simple “BR” logo to the 31 BR logo because they designed the logo in a way that 31 was made from BR alphabets, Pink and blue colours were used the symbol (31 numbers are written in pink and the rest by blue) make it simple and attractive. This 31 number means 31 flavours.

Location of Baskin Robbins UAE:

In UAE, it is located in Abu Dhabi, and you can contact them using +971 3 7627576 telephone number.

Baskin-Robbins Prices:

Baskin-Robbins ice creams are a little bit expensive than other ice creams because of their very high demand. They know that ice cream or dessert lovers indeed buy Baskin-Robbins ice cream at high prices. Because they cannot buy them from local stores, another reason for higher prices is that their supply is limited.

They sell a single scoop of any flavour for 2.79 USD.

They sell a double scoop of any flavour for 3.99 USD.

Their regular waffle cone is sold for 0.99 USD.

Their chocolate waffle cone is sold at 1.49 USD.

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Why are they Special?  

They are unique because of the following reasons:

·    Develop a Favorite Flavor of Everyone:

Likes and dislikes vary from person to person, especially in the case of ice cream. Most individuals do not like the same flavor; some like chocolate most, but others like vanilla. So, it is the specialty of the Baskin-Robbins that they daily made unique and favorite ice cream flavor. They have trained and intelligent inventors in their team. Every day, they wake up with new motivation and goal to develop another unique ice cream that is someone’s favorite.

·    Discover Their New Flavors:

There is a different story behind the launch of each of their new flavor. So, sit on a cozy sofa with a spoon for the ice cream, discover and enjoy their flavors. Some unique flavors are:

a. Pralines’ n Cream:

This is vanilla ice cream filled with praline chunks covered with pecan. It also has caramel in it that makes this combination unique.

b.  Quarterback Crunch:

It is a vanilla ice cream that has rice crunches in it that is covered with chocolate. Additional caramel ribbon is available with it that is good for the attraction.

c.   Mint Choco Chip:     

Mint flavored ice cream has chocolate chips in it. Provides you two benefits at a time yummy taste and excellent sense. It is very refreshing.

·    Quality of Each Scoop:

Ice cream passion continuously drives them to try so that they make superior, remarkable, and delicious flavors. In this way, they invent fantastic color combinations. They combine all the items familiarly to create worthy and tasty ice cream flavors. These flavors mesmerize the customers, and they ask,” how did you do this”?

·    Crafted it for your Crave:

They crafted it for your craving. Ice cream is something that changes the mood of people. They find that ice cream can transform a bad day into a good one and a good day to be more refreshing. When you have craved and passion for ice creams will be a severe business for you. It is the main reason behind their infinite flavor combinations. Their inventors travel different corners of the world to discover other ingredients of the highest quality. You only sit on a cozy seat and dive into the creamy ice cream. They try their hard to invent delicious new combinations of ice cream.

·    Local Flavors:

Every Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlour is retained and handled locally. And this act makes them proud. So, it simply means it is not noticeable from which parlour you buy ice cream because you are helping a local business.


The above article is about an international ice cream chain introduced in 1945. Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins are the persons behind the invention of the multinational chain. So this is known as Baskin-Robbins. Their 20 shops have been opened in different cities of UAE. Moreover, 500 shops have opened in other countries of the world till yet. They have launched more than 1300 quality flavours

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