How to Apply for UAE Family Visa

Dubai is one of the wealthiest and most emirate emirates in the UAE. It improves economically as Dubai authorities set rules that appeal to traders, merchants, workers, laborers, visitors, and students coming on different types of visas. Many people come here and decide to bring their family to Dubai after they get settled. Here Is how you can apply for a UAE Family visa in 2021.

What is UAE Family Visa?

If you are a foreign national in the UAE on a residence visa, you can bring your dependents with you on a UAE family visa. However, not everyone can bring their dependents along because specific needs need to be met.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Family visa

To be able to provide for family members in the UAE, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Male immigrants must have a minimum wage of 4,000 per month or AED 3,000 per month with accommodation.
  2. Female immigrants must have a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.
  3. In addition, all family members over the age of 18 must pass a medical fitness test taken at a health center approved by the UAE government. Also, they will be tested for HIV and tuberculosis.
  4. The UAE does not recognize same-sex marriage, so you cannot sponsor your spouse if you are gay.

Validity of UAE Family Visa

Family visas to the UAE can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 years and can be renewed at least 30 days before expiration. Family visas depend on the sponsor, so if the sponsor’s visa expires or is revoked, the family visa will also be revoked.

However, dependent family members get a 30-day grace period to see if they can renew their residence visas.

How to get an UAE Family visa?

Family visas for the UAE can be sponsored by either the foreigner or their employer. As a foreign resident, you must submit your UAE Family Visa application within 60 days of receiving your UAE Resident Visa.

Apply for an Entry Permit:

Before your family members travel to the UAE to join you, you (or your employer) must apply for an entry permit so that they can be allowed in the country first. You can apply for one of the following for the admission of your family members.

  1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  2. General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. GDRFA online (see website below) or in person. If your host makes a personal request, they should do so through one of the GDRFA’s licensed typing centers in each UAE or one of the Amir Centers in Dubai.
  3. GDRFA Dubai mobile apps for Apple and Android

Apply for an UAE Family Visa:

The UAE Family Visa is a type of residence visa, and as such, you must submit it on behalf of your family members once you have entered the country on an entry permit. You can submit a family visa application with all the required documents at the relevant UAE General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) offices.

  1. UAE Visa Application Form (Online or via Registered Typing Office)
  2. Copies of family passports are being provided
  3. A family member sponsors Passport-sized photographs
  4. Medical clearance certificate for any family member over 18 years of age
  5. Copy of sponsor’s employment contract or company contract
  6. Proof of the monthly salary received by the sponsor
  7. Legal marriage certificate
  8. Proof of residence, such as a registered tenancy agreement
  9. The latest utility bill

Note: In current Situations, Covid 19 testing may also be necessary before you travel to UAE.

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