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GCC Exchange is a renowned currency Changer as well as Exchange Dealer; it is located in UAE, Ajman. As a rule, GCC exchange provides you with the best exchange rate if you change foreign currencies in the country where you are spending your holidays.

The company has grown up from their 1st first office in Dubai – U A E to overall 5 offices in the U A E and 5 in Uk, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Fiji, respectively. In a short time, the company has won customers’ loyalty with welcoming as well as capable staff, secure yet easy procedures, timely as well as quality services.

GCC Exchange was established in December 2006 with a head office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. However, GCC Exchange operates out of UAE, Middle East, CIS, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Far East. The company provides exceptional remittance services to cater to the needs of its customers. Further, GCC is a Company based in Dubai that offers prime-quality money changing and financial services.

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Additionally, GCC Exchange is a global money transfer company that provides personal, secure, and seamless remittance services across all borders. It specializes in international money transfers to the GCC Countries, with a comprehensive network of over 136,000 locations worldwide. Thus, GCC Exchange is also one of the largest foreign exchange houses in India.

Their business motto

GCC has a motto to provide apex financial services.

What they offer

GCC Exchange offers currency Changer as well as Exchange Dealer services. The easy technique to change money is at the GCC or airport. Large airports sometimes have several exchange offices with different rates.

If you have got an adequate amount of time, an evaluation can be meaningful. But be cautious; you know how to be ripped off at the exchange offices at the airport. The best way is to get your money changed from a reliable dealer like GCC.  

But that’s not always where you get the most for your francs. I do not recommend switching to a vendor on the beach. At the hotel reception, I would only change in an emergency. These methods are by and large terrible for the guests

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Their contact

Its phone number is +971 6 7430133 and P.O.Box: 23236, Ajman.

Location of a single branch

GCC Exchange’s main office is in New Industrial Area, Ajman.

Ending Note

GCC is a well-known player in financial services in Dubai. When paying with the card abroad, you can usually choose whether to pay in local currency or Swiss francs. The rule of thumb is: Always pay in the local currency. Remember to get in touch with GCC exchange all the time.

Anyone who would like to have their travel money insured can obtain a Travel Cash card or get the services of GCC. However, this has to be done in advance, which may take a few running days. But today, credit cards are usually “insured” – provided it can be proven that you are not to blame for the card misuse. Depending on the country or type of vacation, a replacement can take several days.

Personally, I always buy euros in Switzerland. When I travel to Asia, I take CHF with me or buy US dollars in Switzerland and convert them to local currency sites. Swiss francs and especially US dollars can be exchanged almost anywhere. Sometimes you can even pay directly in USD. I pay for relatively larger “purchases” on-site with my Maestro or credit card.

You can find a helpful link with lots of information about your holiday home here. If you have any questions about changing money, your advisor will be happy to help.

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