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Garden City Automatic Laundry offers high-quality, professional laundry and dry cleaning services in Abu Dhabi for all of your laundry requirements. Additionally, our operators will pick up your belongings from anywhere you are at a time convenient for you, ship them to our cleaning service group, and send them back to you within 24 full days.

 Furthermore, Garden City Automatic Laundry employees are masters in stain removal from clothing, keeping it bright, cleaned, and looking great.

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With our pick-up and delivery service, you don’t have to look for your local dry cleaners; we go to you wherever you may be in Abu Dhabi.  Moreover, we provide a low-cost, competing service that offers expert laundry services while saving you money.

You will not have to put up with late delivery, poor quality work, or exorbitant rates. Additionally, laundry and pressing, cleaning, footwear repairs, professional cleaning, and other services are all available via us. Furthermore, our highly efficient workers guarantee that you have no difficulties, and the technology we utilize is cutting-edge, as is the service we deliver.

We want to make service simple for you to have a long-term connection. Most significantly, the services are inexpensive and will not break the bank because we charge reasonable charges.

Their business motto

We are vulnerable and honest about our business processes, and we strive to live up to our goal of seeking and adapting. Additionally, our motto is to make our client’s life easier and more convenient. By dependability in our work, we want to be the most desired Dry Cleaning and Laundry service.

Providing the maximum quality of service is our primary objective, and we care for the clothing, tailoring each piece with the care it requires. However, we try our best to give its customers laundry and washing services timelier, productive, and cost-effective.

We are delighted to be one of Abu Dhabi’s most well-renowned laundry service firms, a name we have earned by our 100% guarantee, customer service, and expertise with a broad range of textiles and clothes.

While laundry service garments, wedding gowns, suits, and shirts are our primary emphasis, we also provide a customized service for cleaning silk and leather, and we’ll even clean your carpets, rugs, tablecloths, comforters, and couches for you.

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What do they offer?

To provide the best laundry service, Garden City Automatic Laundry must constantly supply high-quality services and goods while providing excellent client service at a reasonable price.

Services provided at your door

Coming up with new ways that our clients have even fewer hours in a day to perform all of their activities. As a result, we began offering transportation washing and cleaning facilities straight from housing developments and enterprises.

Unless you’re the landlord or administrative staff of a housing complex, you might offer your renters the extra convenience of being able to have their laundry and washing snatched up from the front desk.

We offer two different turnaround times and outstanding customer service. We feel that delivering this quality service will be a platform on the market factor for new and present renters.

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Laundry cleaning services

As previously said, laundry drying is a method of washing garments regularly performed in most houses. It washes the garments slightly higher than ambient temperature, using conventional cleansers.

Following that, the method involves washing the garments and pressing them with a laundering iron, which has higher heat than a domestic iron. The maximum temperature is beneficial in destroying bacteria and is appropriate for regular clothes, but not really for valuable or bulky clothing.

 Laundry service is far less expensive than dry cleaning, and also most stains are eliminated throughout the procedure. Cleansing at high temperatures guarantees that all germs are eliminated and the clothing scent fresh.

Dry cleaning services

Dry cleaning is perfect for expensive clothing or clothing that takes a lot of work to launder. It may be used with a washer, and particular substances are utilized to cleanse the garments. Based on the material, the solutions used to eliminate any spot or sand are applied before the laundry.

Dry cleaning doesn’t even use moisture because many materials need not answer well to water and lose their colour. The solvent utilized in the procedure is tetrachloroethylene, sometimes called perchloroethylene.

The substances guarantee minimal physical damage during the rinsing, and therefore there is no colour loss or leakage from the garments.

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Wash or press cloth service

Even ordinary jobs appear challenging in today’s hectic environment, and it would be very beneficial to attract somebody to perform them. Many businesses will handle clothes clean and pressing for you at a fair price.

However, Proportionate Cleaners in Ajman offers several essential features that will gladly cleanse clothing and makes them seem brand fresh. They offer steaming press ironing for washing, far more efficient than traditional pressing. These washing and pressing cloth offerings are a wonderful experience for folks who are always on the go.

Cleaning Blankets and Quilts

Whenever winter arrives, everybody pulls up their shawls and comforters and washes those, then uses them again. They set aside their comforters and comforters at the end of the first month. They cannot, though, be kept after years of use.

Because of its overall weight, cleaning covers and comforters is difficult; thus, you should use a comforter and cover dry laundry service.

As is customary in Ajman, “Garden City Automatic Laundry” takes top position and is also an excellent alternative for a skilled trench coat cleaning. They are well-known for their blanket washing, and they will not disappoint you.


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Garden City Automatic Laundry is one of the best laundries in Abu Dhabi. This laundry provides the best services; the master is strain remover and steaming. Laundry also provides delivery services and makes your work easier.

The prices of this laundry are also reasonable, and working quality is also best. This article contains everything about garden city automatic laundry you want to know. I hope this document will be beneficial for you.

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