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Intro of the Company

Bershka UAE is the go-to for branded clothing in the UAE. With almost 2 decades in the business, Bershka has 100-plus shops in the Middle East, over 1000 shops worldwide, 18 years of experience; and is still growing strong. In fact, they can speak to their customers because they are young, excited by fashion, with a fresh outlook.

Bershka is a chain of stores operating in Dubai, European, Asian, and American clothing mass markets. Moreover, it is with a high degree of adult focus on young fashion leaders. Plus, it is known for its youthful spirit and innovative fashion approach, quality, and good value for money.

Bershka currently has over 460 stores worldwide in places like the United States, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, and Palestine. Furthermore, it was launched in Abu Dhabi Duty-Free with 10,000 square meters of retail space.

Bershka UAE is located in Deira City Centre Deira Dubai, a duty-free area at the heart of Dubai. In fact, it is a fashion brand offering an updated, creative, bright casual look. However, Bershka products are sold at retail stores in 22 countries on 3 continents. Thus, Bershka UAE offers clothing for women, men, kids & babies.

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Their business motto

Bershka is a fashion chain that offers an ambitious and enthusiastic concept designed to match the expectations and needs of its brand’s public. The primary lines of products are women’s fashion accessories, swimwear, men’s fashion accessories, and jewellery for women and men, cosmetics, perfumes, and sunglasses.

Bershka is the Spanish word for stripe. The idea of stripes has been part of our history since it first appeared in our commercial advertising in 1998. However, Bershka’s clothes are designed for young people who want to tell their own story, with a unique style and an excellent, relaxed attitude. However, they create clothes that suggest a lifestyle rather than dictating one. It is an everyday style built on critical pieces that adapt to the customer’s wants and needs.

What they offer?

Bershka has a wide variety of styles to offer at affordable prices. Plus, Bershka provides a wide range of products from tops and shirts, trousers, shorts, and full suits, all made from excellent materials. In addition, the Spanish clothing brand has a whole range of accessories such as bags, belts, shoes, and sunglasses.

Additionally, it also carries a seasonal range of swimwear for bikinis and underwear from brands such as Special Dark and DKNY. To add a bit more to your wardrobe, consider a hat or a pair of gloves in felts, wool, or fabrics.

 Find your favourite new pieces from shirts to dresses to swimwear. With our jackets and coat collection, from lightweight blouses to insulated jackets, you can find warmth and comfort from head to toe. We offer accessories that match your personal style with hats, scarves, socks, shoes that will last longer than ever before with our line of quality shoes.

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Bershka products

§  Shirts

§  Sweatshirts and hoodies

§  Jackets and coats

§  T-shirts

§  Jackets and coats

§  Dresses

§  Tracksuit

§  Swimwear

These products include best-selling shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies that are just right for layering when the weather is colder. Grab something stylish in jackets and coats for when it’s cooler, or check out our latest dresses in various colours. As well as all the clothing you need in your wardrobe right now.

In addition, Bershka is one of the top fashion outlets in the Middle East. The label offers trendy, affordable products for men, women, and kids. “‘Bershka Know How’ focuses on offering products that are at the same time trendy, fresh, and affordable for people of all ages.”

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Their contact 

o   Dubai office contact number:

Tel: +971 4 3410223 and P.O.Box: 22700, Dubai

Branch Location

Multiple Mall branches

  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates · In the Dubai Mall · +971 4 330 8123
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates · In Mercato Shopping Mall · +971 4 344 8645
  • Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates · In Yas Mall · +971 2 565 0554
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates · In City Centre Mirdif · +971 4 284 3020
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates · In the Mall of the Emirates · +971 4 341 0224
  • Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates · In Al Wahda Mall
  • Sharjah – United Arab Emirates · In the Sahara Centre
  • Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates · In Abu Dhabi Mall · +971 2 644 9818

The map location is:


Bershka has become a genuine phenomenon of fashion around the world, especially UAE. The brand’s vibrant, youthful collections are inspired by street fashion, beauty, art, and lifestyle.

In fact, Bershka offers desirable yet affordable clothing for men, women, and teenagers…all set to be the next big thing. Furthermore, the clothing is designed to appeal to everyone who wants beautiful clothes that are also affordable. For all occasions, casual wear & dresses for women & girls.

In addition, Bershka is a young, fun Fashion brand! A Fashion spirit is with modern, alternative styling at affordable prices. Moreover, they use the most innovative techniques in the production of quality, styled and trendy clothing. Check out the impressive range of trends, latest collections, and exclusive offers available only online.

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