What is NOL Card

In a city with seven modes of transportation, it can be crazy to carry loose cash and buy a different card for everyone. That is where the NOL card comes in handy. However, Simply put, NOL Card in Dubai is a smart card that enables you to pay for different RTA transport modes in the city with just one single card.

Also, from Metro to buses, water buses, and trams, you can use these cards. Moreover, you can even pay for (Roads and Transport Authority) RTA’s Paid parking services across the city using the same card. Also, if you are a tourist planning to use public transport to get around the city, we suggest buying this card.

What is NOL Card?

The Dubai variant of Metro Card, Oyster Card, and Hola BCN is NOL Card. Furthermore, this is a card that gives you access to every type of transportation in the city, no sweat of utilization. Therefore, this is a wise investment. Particularly for individuals who like to utilize the city’s very much associated public vehicle network, they got stuck in the scandalous ‘Dubai Traffic.’

How Does NOL Cards Work?

This is an advanced smart card, which you must keep with your NOL card reader to verify your travels. Moreover, you will be deducted based on your entry and exit locations and how many zones you have crossed.

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Benefits of these Cards

It’s a lot of fun to visit a place when you does not stuck in traffic. Dubai itself can be pretty powerful, so let’s handle the transportation hassle with the NOL card’s one-stop solution. In addition to going to your favorite mode of transport with this card, here are a few more benefits of having this card:

Acceptance at retail stores:

You can make retail purchases with your NOL. What happens if you forget your card/cash at home? You can shop using this card at select retail stores such as Zoom, Circle K, Gloria Jeans, Burger King, Aswak, and more. By the end of 2019, you can use your card at more than 5,000 retail stores. Therefore, we say, dig up the debit card!

Pay Taxi Fares

The next time you worry about making the correct change during your taxi ride, don’t worry because this card is there to protect you. Also, you can quickly swipe your card for your taxi rides and get virtually zero cash on you. However, you should know that you will be charged a DH1 service fee on top of your taxi fare.

Entrance to Dubai Parks:

The green spaces in Dubai are the best picnic spot amidst the concrete jungle. However, there are small entry fees to visit these green hotspots in the city. Furthermore, with your card, you can enter Musharraf Park, Zabeel Park, Mazar Park, and even Creek Park!

Pay Parking Rent:

You can use your card to pay parking fees at all paid parking spaces across Dubai. Also, just insert your card into the ticket vending slot and buy a ticket for your parking. Therefore, finding files to pay for your parking is now a forgotten dream.

Who needs a NOL Card?

All passengers five years of age and older require this card to use public transport in Dubai. Also, the only exception in Dubai is “People of Determination” – the UAE government gave this name locally to disabled people. Therefore, these people can use public transport free of cost.

How much a NOL costs in UAE?

It depends on what color card you buy in the beginning. For example, a Silver Nol costs 25 AED (6.80), of which six is for AED cards and 19 AEDs are credited to your card, while a Red Nol costs only 2 AEDs, but it doesn’t have any credit.

Types of NOL Cards in UAE

There are four types of NOL cards available in the UAE.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Gold 

Here’s a quick look at each type to help you figure out what’s right for you.

Red Card:

An NOL RED Ticket is a paper-based card ticket that you can buy from any ticket machine in only 2 AED. Therefore, It is perfect for occasional Dubai Metro users, including tourists. Also, you can load your RED card for ten single trips or five days.


  • Low ticket price – only 2 AED in advance ( almost USD 0.54)
  • The minimum balance to recharge the RED card is 7.50 AED.
  • The RED Card is valid for 90 days
  • You can purchase tickets from any vending machine at any time.
  • It only allows you to pay for the right trip.


You have to load this amount on your card before using Metro.

  • One day regular pass: 20 AED (for use on one type of transport only)
  • One-day gold pass: 40 AED.1 Zone: 4 AED
  • 2 Zone: 6 AED
  • 3+ Zone: 8.50 AED

Silver Card:

The Silver Card is the best Nol Starter Card for regular use with a wallet that loads up to 1000 AED. However, the Silver Nol Card costs almost 25 AED in advance, including 19 AED e-Purse Value, and the ticket holder is anonymous, meaning you do not need to register your card.


  • NOL Siver card automatically calculates the cost of your trip and deducts it from your e-wallet.
  • Accurate on all modes of transport.
  • Maximum travel time 180 minutes
  • The minimum balance is 7.50 AED.
  • Suitable for five years.


Although Silver NOL is 4 AED more than a Red NOL ticket, you get a cheaper fare on Silver Card. However, you can only travel in regular class:

  • 1 Zone:3 AED
  • 2 Zone: 6 AED
  • 3+ Zone: 7.50 AED

GOLD Card:

The NOL Gold Card allows the cardholder to travel in luxury and comfort and is an anonymous card with features similar to a Silver Card, but with the added benefit that you get premium up to Dubai Metro Gold Class seats. Rent. Also, the Gold card is priced at 25 AED in advance, including 19 AED e-wallet value.


  • Access to the Gold Class Cabin on the Metro and Tram.
  • Maximum travel time 180 minutes
  • NOL Gold card automatically calculates the cost of your trip and deducts it from your e-wallet.
  • NOL Gold card is almost valid on all modes of transport (premium seating on Metro and tram only)
  • Suitable for five years.


  • 1 Zone: 6 AED
  • 2 Zone: 10 AED
  • 3+ Zone: 15 AED

NOL Blue Card:

The NOL Blue card is a secure, personalized NOL smart card – perfect for everyday travelers. Also, you can use the Blue NOL card on all types of public transport as part of the NOL Card Scheme. However, the big difference between Blue and Silver is that Blue NOL cardholders can enjoy a secure card balance if their card is stolen or lost. Moreover, the Blue NOL Card is priced at 70 AED in advance, including 20 AED e-wallet value. Furthermore, you can load your registered Blue NOL Card for 5000 AED.


  • NOL BLUE card automatically calculates the cost of your trip and deducts it from your e-wallet.
  • Accurate on all modes of transport.
  • It Keeps your card balance safe in case if your card gets stolen.
  • NOL BLUE card personalized with a photo.
  • Suitable for five years.
  • If you are a student, senior citizens or social welfare holders pay 50% of the rent.
  • The rent is the same as you would pay for a gold or silver card, but with the added benefit, your balance is safe. You can save your money without the fear of losing your balance.

Which NOL Card you should Buy?

Here are things you need to know before choosing NOL Card for yourself

Red NOL Card:

  • This type of RTA NOL card is only suitable for tourists or visitors to Dubai who rarely want to use UAE public transport.
  • You should buy an NOL RED card if you are on a tight budget.

Silver NOL Card:

  • Dubai residents, looking for one card for all their transportation needs.
  • Tourists stay for extended periods and plan to use public transport for economic rent.

Golden NOL Card:

  • People who like to travel in luxury.
  • Others who want to use all transport modes through one card.
  • People who want to avoid the metro rush by using gold-class cabins.

Blue NOL Card:

If you want your name and picture on a Gold or Silver Card, choose NOL BLUE CARD. You can also get your balance if you put your card in the wrong place or it got stolen.

How to get a NOL Card?

There are many different ways you can buy your NOL card.

  • Buy tickets from all Dubai metro stations and some Dubai bus stations.
  • Purchase DUBAI’S NOL Silver Cards and NOL Red tickets from some ticket vending machines.
  • Buy Nol Silver Cards from RTA Customer Service Centers, and RTA Authorized Sales Agents in Dubai.
  • You can also buy NOL Blue cards online at RTA online website

How to use NOL Card in Dubai

So now you know what kind of card you need but don’t know how it works? Here, we explained the procedure to use this card

  • Make sure you keep more than 7.50 AEDs on your card before using it.
  • Place your RTA NOL card on the E-Reader to check-in.
  • Now, wait for a beep or green light to succeed and pass through the entrance.
  • You need to check when leaving public transport so that the correct fare applies.
  • Put your card on the e-reader, wait for the beep or green light, and pass through the gate.

How much a Metro Trip costs on your NOL Card Balence

Your payment per trip depends on what type of card you use and what zones you did travel.


Dubai is divided into seven zones, which determine the rate charged from your Nol card. Also, these zones apply for metro and tram travel. However, there are only three rates to keep it simple.

1 ZONE: “Travel within 1 zone or less than 3 km.”

2 ZONE: Starts in one zone and ends in the neighboring zone.

3+ ZONE: Crosses three or more zones.

What is Minimum Balance Limit?

Dubai Metro fares are calculated for the zones and the type of NOL card a person is using. You can use the price guidelines mentioned above and keep a balance of at least 7.50 AED on your card.

Can we refund our Non use Balance?

The only card that allows you to apply for a refund is the Blue NOL card. It is wise if you plan to use any of the other cards only up to the amount you think you will need to use.

Can we get Card as a tourist

You do not need to be a resident to take advantage of the Registered Blue NOL card. If you visit Dubai frequently or think that you are using the card too much while traveling to Dubai, it would be worthwhile to go for extra effort to register a Blue NOL card. However, keep in mind that you will need an address to collect from it.

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