SABIS Digital Platform

His Highness Shiekh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum presented the SABIS Digital Platform. SABIS Digital Platform is one of the top leading password-protected web and mobile applications. The network of SABIS was first found in 1886 with a small school that started in the village of Choueifat, Lebanon.

The main aim of SABIS is to provide quality education to all.

SABIS is basically a global education network that has its presence in more than 20 countries. Furthermore, It is packed with advanced and practical features for parents and students. It is a highly successful network of schools around the world. SABIS is providing English Medium Instruction to students through a proper academic program with regular tests. However, some groups of schools are running themselves, and some are franchises.

Working of SABIS Digital Platform

This platform is one of the best ways to connect with your child and their studies simultaneously. The SABIS platform application is readily available for Android and Apple. One can easily track important notes in the calendar of school and stay up-to-date. Also, the application and web portals are user-friendly. It engages students in the school environment and also makes learning easy.

However, with the help of the SABIS application, parents and students can quickly get the notification of all alerts, reminders directly on their logged-in device.

SABIS Digital Platform for Schools:

  • SABIS operates six schools in the United States.
  • Five public charter schools in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Michigan.
  • One private school in Minnesota.

SABIS Digital Platform for Parents:

As SABIS application is available for Apple and Android users. Parents can easily get access to the app and enjoy several services. Like as a parent, you can enjoy features like:

  • Push notifications of news and announcements
  • Track your children’s development progress and academic performance.
  • Parents can easily track their children’s assignments and exam results.
  • Parents can also review their child’s attendance and other academic activities.

In the end…

SABIS is one of the leading and latest education systems to which students and parents also get access. It is one of the finest and quality providing school systems that is aiming to provide quality education.

The best feature is that one can add its application for Android and Apple. Parents can easily monitor and track their children’s development.

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