Dubai Trade and its Services

Dubai trade is basically a trade facilitator in Dubai and UAE. The main purpose and the working of Dubai traders are to welcome stakeholders to the customized portal that provides 700 E-services under a single window.

It makes trade easier, faster, and also valuable for all customers!


Under a single window, the customers can make trade engagements that are easy for logistics and also supply chain service companies. Also, the system is totally transparent with a personal touch. Moreover, It provides collaboration opportunities for customers that made them effective in managing all trade orchestration.

Dubai trade believes in the principle of “less is more”. Also, all services mentioned are developed to offer simplicity. The main aim of this is to reduce cost, time, and also money that is invested with no compromise in any issue.

It also merges with the major stakeholders that are best in trade and logistics operations that include DP World’s flagship Jebel Ali port, Dubai Customs, Importers and Exporters, Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jafza), Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Shipping lines and Agents, Hauliers, and also Free Zone Licensees.


It basically strengthens Dubai’s position globally by providing ease in trading across borders. Also, the trade center services are in place according to customers’ present needs and demands.

Its main aim is to improve ease of trade across borders by using state-of-the-art technological tools. Also, it includes secure payment methods for e-transactions. It also tends to improve the knowledge base of logistics professionals through modified orientation and certified courses. It comes with a professional team that is committed to providing value to all partners and customers. The main eye-catching part of this is its value for their customers and smart workspace that is always helpful for customers.


The vision of Dubai trade is to enable Seamless/smooth Trade.

Values of Dubai Trade

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service Excellence
  • Innovation Intent
  • Employee Engagement
  • Corporate responsibility

Dubai Trade Services that are best to serve business needs

It aims to provide ease to all customers and partners. In this regard, they providing many services that are best for serving different business needs.

Freight Forwarder

Enable end-to-end planning and supply of chain with ease. It provides different opportunities for exporters, importers, and other companies.


With the help of Dubai trade trucking of domestic and cross border transportation of goods becomes easier. The services with ensure simplified road transport always!

Free Zone Company

It provides an easy-to-access world of unique services from employees to government and administrative services. You can find the service you are looking for in your free zone company.

Clearing Agent

Custom clearances and port services are easily available due to this. Each task is executed with perfection.

Airline Agent

Provide all airline cargo services.

Shipping Agent

Provide all shipping cargo services in bulk internationally.

Cargo Owner

Being a consignee in UAE was never easy before the Dubai trade. Also, It provides importing and exporting cargo easy. However, a wide range of services is available for the execution of work with efficiency.

What makes Dubai Trade Different?

It is giving its best in services and customer care. Here 3 of the basic principle that is making it different yet famous globally.

24/7 Access

Customers can get 24/7 access to over 700 E-services that providing trading easy.

Advanced Processes and Innovative Technology use

It is implementing innovative technologies for improving its business module. It is also involved in different training programs to make it as no 1 trade hub in the region.

Paperless Transactions

A paperless trading approach is provided by this which makes operations and payments super easy. Moreover, now you can easily save time and hassle-free online procedures of payments.

Dubai Trade Offerings

Dubai Trade is not only focusing on making their brand but it is also involved in different offerings for their customers. Also, as the main aim of Dubai’s trade is to provide ease and knowledge to all customers.

Dubai Trade Training Offer

Customers can easily dive in to gain technical and E-service knowledge through designed training by Dubai Trade. Both new and registered users can get this training and make their trading much better than before.

Dubai Trade Certifications

Now grow in the trade and logistics business and also indulge yourself in unlocking all new opportunities with available certifications. Get certified and improve your trading skills.

Dubai Trade Contact Centre

Customers can get 24/7 access to highly proficient staff to attend to any service-related issues.

Final Verdict

Dubai trade is one of the best platforms for importers, exporters, and companies for the transfer easily. Moreover, paperless transactions and the use of innovative technology is some of the best things they have come up with. Also, 700 E-services are available by Dubai Trade. Customers can easily avail different services for transportation. If you are really interested in knowing about Dubai trade in detail then I provide all the basic information to all of you. If you are using any service and planning to avail any service mention below and drop your genuine reviews!

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