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Novo cinemas are a chain of cinemas with its main building in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). It is among the most popular cinemas. It shows movies ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood. A lot of Indian and English movies are displayed at its outlets. Furthermore, its ownership belongs to Gulf Films Company which operates in UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar.

It can be said as one of the largest cinemas networks in the Middle East. Until 2000 AD, it was called Grand Cinema, but it was renamed as NOVO later. However, the company’s CEO is Debbie Stanford, who was also awarded as best Female CEO of the year. Furthermore, it is just because of her outstanding contribution to the film industry. 

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In 2005 the company launched its first IMAX in Dubai. In 2007 company expanded to Lebanon, where it still works as an independent entity after rebranding in 2014. Its cinemas come with many features like retractable seats, personal butler services, 3D experience, large screens, and a lot more. Thus NOVO cinemas are also providing online and mobile booking opportunities.

Their business motto

Its mission is to provide the best entertainment in the Middle East.

What they offer

They offer cinema services in the Middle East. Novo cinema has an outstanding contribution to the cinema’s industry. Plus, several people go to the movie theatre. Furthermore, even mainstream titles have problems. For directors, this means that they have to adapt the material.

In addition, going to the cinema is increasingly becoming an “event” – with luxury seats, craft popcorn, and films pushing high-end cinema sound systems and laser projection to the limit. In addition, the cinema material is becoming more and more action-packed. Moreover, it underlines the steady wave of superhero films in recent years, in which only specialists know their order.

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Their contact

The Dubai contact of the company is as follows

Telefone: +971 4 2329979

P.O.Box: 81956

Location of a single branch

In UAE (Dubai), Novo Cinemas have 4 branches.

  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Dragon Mart
  • Dubai Festival City
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Other components are located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras A Kham, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.


It is concluded that NOVO has a significant stake in the entertainment industry. The only question is: why are you still making the Hollywood effort – out of nostalgia? In practical terms, viewers with smartphones, tablets, and computers (plus television, of course) have long overtaken cinema use.

This poses a big problem for directors: For which medium are they actually producing their films? After all, there is a difference between watching a movie on a giant projection screen or on an iPhone – the effect is entirely different.

The New York Times recently asked several well-known filmmakers about the future of the cinema industry. Thus, the result was devastating: Even Hollywood doesn’t know how to deal with this “biggest change in the content industry in history” (producer Jason Blum).

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