Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines

The traffic rules in the UAE are stringent, and there are no questions about it. People are coming from various nationalities report that getting a driving license in UAE has been extremely hard for them. The rules and regulations are stringent, and people who are not used to following rules get accustomed to the UAE way. Moreover, there are thousands of cars on the road in Abu Dhabi; however, you would hardly find drivers aware of the traffic rules and Abu Dhabi traffic fines.

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In Abu Dhabi, the traffic police monitor the roads and collect data regarding drivers’ performance. The department manages a database that maintains information about how fast drivers drive. Whether there is a fitted black box in a vehicle and records the number of offences committed by a driver. Traffic police in Abu Dhabi distributed a list of all traffic violations and fines imposed on the traffic violators in Abu Dhabi. This move came to make motorists aware of the traffic rules and Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines.

Abu Dhabi traffic fines list

Here is a complete Abu Dhabi traffic fines list issued by Dubai Police. As you can see, there are fines for wearing headphones while driving, allowing a passenger to ride on the trunk of your car and more.

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines is a list of traffic violations and fines issued by the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Drivers can avoid paying fines (between 1000 and 1000 AED or US$272) by going to settle their case at a police station.

In addition, below are the fines that will be imposed on you for traffic violations in Abu Dhabi.

Sr #Abu Dhabi traffic finesFine amountBlack points
1.        Driving while taking the drug or other substanceCourt case24 BP
2.        Dangerous driving2000 AED12  BP
3.        Failure to death after causing an accidentCourt case24 BP
4.        Infraction of a traffic light800 AED8 BP
5.        reckless driving that endangers civilians1,000 AED12 BP
6.        A vehicle without a license plateCourt case24 BP
7.        Trucks are dangerously overtaking800 AED24 BP
8.        causing an automobile to flipCourt case8 BP
9.        Attempting to elude a traffic office800 AED12 BP
10.    Exceeding the maximum speed limit900 AED6 BP
11.    Jumping a red light800 AED8 BP
12.    Causing serious injuriesCourt case8 BP
13.    Overtaking on the hard shoulder600 AED6 BP
14.    Heavy vehicle lane discipline600 AED6 BP
15.    Driving against traffic400 AED4 BP
16.    Failure to leave a safe distance400 AED4 BP
17.    Exceeding 50% permitted level of car window tinting500 AED0 BP
18.    Driving a noisy vehicle500 AED0 BP
19.    Stopping on a yellow box500 AED0 BP
20.    Failure to abide by traffic signs and directions500 AED0 BP
21.    Entering road dangerously600 AED6 BP
22.    Without permission Modifying a vehicle’s engine400 AED0 BP
23.    Parking behind and blocking other  vehicles  movement300 AED0 BP
24.    Taxis, which have designated pickup areas,200 AED4 BP
25.    Not covering loads of trucks3000 AED0 BP
26.    Falling or leaking load3000 AED12 BP

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Abu Dhabi E-Government manages fines

If you think paying fines is a tedious job, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The Abu Dhabi Police and the Abu Dhabi E-Government have simplified the entire process so that you don’t have to go through all the paperwork to get the desired results. Furthermore, in fact, all you have to do is get to know whether your ticket is eligible for online payment and get started.

The E-Government portal of Abu Dhabi Police offers online payment services for all types of traffic tickets/fines. Furthermore, it ranges from cars to motorcycles, road repair backlogs, traffic fines. Moreover, there are two ways to pay the fines through the E-Government portal. By logging in to the website or downloading the “Pay Traffic Fines” application form found in the mobile application.

Fines payment procedures in Abu Dhabi

Go to the traffic fine payment option and sign up as a new user with your Emirates ID and cellphone number.

  • A one-time password (OTP) will be issued to the provided phone number, and you must enter it.
  • Following that, your registration procedure will be nearing completion. You will be prompted to create a password and an email address.
Fines payment procedures in Abu Dhabi
Fines payment procedures in Abu Dhabi
  • “Fine number”,
  • “Black points”,
  • “Date”,
  • “Source”,
  • “After discount”,
  • “Total amount”, &
  • “Vehicle number” will appear.

Further, to proceed and make the payment, select the appropriate fine and then click the Proceed option.

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