Justmop is an online service provider which provides different Services at the Customer's doorsteps.

Justmop (JustLife) is a platform for online ordering. The firm was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Justmop published the results of its Theme investor round and then 2017, prompted by Venture Friends, a Europe VC. Recently they have changed their name from JustMop to JustLife.

In addition, Justmop declared its development to Kuwait inside the GCC throughout Sept. 2018. The next year, Faith Capital Holding, a Kuwait-based venture capital finance, declared unspecified funding in the setup. In Early December 2019, the business extended its services to Saudi Arabia. 

A Brief Introduction of JustMop

Presently, the Uae startup company has 11 locations in six Gulf states. Dubai is now one’s main customers. Justmop would be in the process of upgrading its offerings beyond washing to include professional services. A firm even has a reward system that pays staff an extra 25percent of their basic pay if those meet specific goals, like working more times and receiving better ratings.

Since its inception, Justmop has collaborated with 450 cleaning services and assigned ticketing with at least 10,000 cleaning staff. Here on the framework, there are 7,000 cleanings mentioned.

Approaches to make best cleaning services:

To provide us, consumers, with the best cleanup performance possible, they are using a 5-tiered approach:

1)      Software: They provide their cleanup staff members with additional software by supplying people with a feature that allows someone to monitor service quality.

2)      Going to train: Their experts and scholars ride their cleanup staff in cutting-edge training facilities.

3)      Outfit: Their cleanup staff are dressed in clean Justmop uniforms.

4)      Washing Materials: People have teamed up with Henkel to continue providing effective cleaning content packages to their cleanup staff members to supply their clients well with a quality option they receive.

5)      Reward Program: They encourage their washing staff with such a reward Programme that allows each other to earn up to 25percent of the total of their basic salary.

Their business motto?

Their goal is to gain meaningful business advantage, and then they will rely on Enterprise Mates to mentor us. This organization is brimming with business owners who understand how much require than when required.

The above trend allows them to focus on actions rather than documents, and business aims will be increased methodically. Those who are putting in a lot of effort to modernize the household companies into a far newer future.

Furthermore, they will concentrate on easing their consumers’ people by providing those with either a smooth cleaning company or bettering the lives of in-out providers by supplying people with available jobs.

And they are at a point in which their system is assisting thousands of individuals in getting strong and hygienic residences and improved futures.

Services of JustMop

Users can hire at-home offerings with the play store, such as housework, her allure, and personal care for him. The following is a comprehensive list of at-home offerings:

  • Household Cleanup: The best washing for your home includes specialized cleaning services, couch washing, bed cleanup, curtain washing, and professional cleaning.
  • Glamour for Her: Finger, eyelashes, and spa treatments in the comfort of her residence.
  • PCR Check at Residence: Have a PCR test performed in the comfort and privacy, desk, or restaurant!
  • Washer & Laundry Service: Select up or deliver wash at residence.
  • Repairs and construction worker services: Reliable and experienced home repair care.
  • Chlorination and pest management entails cleaning and disinfecting homes to avoid pests.
  • Car Rinsing: At-home car cleaning facilities.

How to use the Justmop application?

Download the App for Android or for iPhone

  • Launch the app and select Diary Now.
  • The software will inquire about the specifics of one’s requirements. Specifically, how and when you will demand the facility and any specific guidelines for such details are needed.
  • You would compare with the finest supplier in their area right away.
  • Debit cards, as well as cash payments, accepted.
  • Following the provider’s fulfillment, users can percentage your experts or even request a per week facility with much the same expert.

Reasons to trust on Justmop

There are several reasons to trust JustMop on things that they do.

Trusted cleaners

Expert, well-trained, dependable assistants who’ve been extensively scanned before becoming appointed.

There are no extra charges.

There are no extra expenses or hidden costs. Visitors only have to charge for what you purchase.

Accessibility on the very same day

It tends to take just under 1 minute to make a reservation. And you can make a reservation as soon as possible.

Excellent Customer Service

People are always available to assist readers with all of their assets.

Location of JustMop Head Office

Indigo Icon Tower, JLT Cluster F, Dubai, UAE.

Contact Number of JustMop

Contact JustMop at +971 800 5667 or on their Website

JustMop in Breif

Justmop.com is a software and internet site that includes advanced similarity measures to communicate people searching for cleaning companies with very well, highest cleaning service suppliers.

Moreover, Justmop places a strong emphasis on performance. Furthermore, consider the best competitor for all cleaning service firms. This article contains all the information about the cleaning service of Justmop.com.Before hiring and training a new partner, Justmop meets the service companies and then each neater to ensure that the washers are well taken care of. According to government regulators, this also verifies travel documents and living standards to guarantee those.

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