Dreamland aqua park is one of the oldest UAE park

Dreamland Aqua Park is among the UAE’s ancient watersports. The water park, which covers an area of 250,000 square meters, opened in 1997. It is still one of the most fantastic fun items to see in Umm Al Quwain today (UAQ). There aren’t too many places to visit in the UAE.

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But for someone who has enjoyed getting away from a busy city career, Dreamland UAQ is indeed the place to be. The above theme park seems to have everything you’d need in a reasonably priced fun in the sun location, with over 30 exciting slides, people riding, and places of interest.

Whether you’re looking for just a mini-vacation, here are several explanations of how Dreamland UAQ is still a great choice.

Dreamland Aqua Park Business Motto

Umm, Al Quwain seems to be the ideal location for our public pool. In reality, one of the primary goals of dreamland aqua Parks is to inspire people inside the neighborhood to develop the history of getting outside for outdoor activities.

The aqua park area is mainly built to cater to children and families. We provide busy daycare programs for children and access options sold online for groups, groups, and institutions who wish to utilize our property for hiking on a routine basis.

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The Best Tourist attraction at dreamland aqua park

Dreamland Aqua Park UAQ, including some of the biggest water parks in the Emirates, features coasters, thrills, and activities for persons of different ages. Including over Thirty different situations to attempt at the aqua park, it might be difficult to fit anything within the narrow time limits.

If you decide to visit that enjoyable site, make sure that wouldn’t go before attempting these main attractions:


A 40-meter-long tube ride leads to that of an outdoor ring that twists you while before throwing down into the pool. Whereas the tubular slides are similar to every other drop you’ll see at such a community pool, it’s the “twister” component that adds to the thrill.

This will twirl and twist you, utilizing the momentum you’ve just obtained first from the slide, before allowing users to dive further into a pool of water about two meters well above the floor.

Mighty ground

That swing has a name that sounds related to festive, and it was nothing like that. In reality, the Mighty GoRound in Dreamland Aqua Park shows two large body rides which run in rounds – hence the title. Race through such swings and appreciate flailing about in the water after an exciting journey down the slope.


Dreamland Aqua Park is a water park set that makes one feel the excitement of rolling down sharp slopes that culminate in a swimming pool. Those might not have been the tallest waterslides you’ve experienced, but they’ll provide you with a very much thrill boost.

Twisting Dragon

Twisting Dragons will provide you with the opportunity to do so. So, this fascinating and bending complex of tube slides at Dreamland Aqua Park includes interconnecting slides that take you out from a unique ‘dragon’s mouth’ each time – even though you start from the same position each time.

Hole in the dark

With the Black Hole, the suspense of the fall maintains your adrenaline levels high at all moments. So, when you enter Dreamland UAQ’s Black Hole, you are immersed in the complete darkness that follows you until the finish. Additionally, this swing, driven by gravity attraction, will also have you counting the time until you eventually descend into the waters.

Dreamland Aqua Park UAE

What do they offer?

Facility of Camping

Many guests find it very hard to travel back to their Dubai rental apartments after spending a whole day at Dreamland Aqua Park. Fortunately, the park provides nightly beachfront parking for tourists. Furthermore, other sports events to choose from, such as football, tennis, and volleyball. Additionally, it’s ideal for a long relaxing weekend in UAQ.

Bars and restaurants

There are a few to choose from whenever it relates to food choices at Disneyland UAQ.

Bar in the pool

The Pool Bar is conveniently placed near Dreamland Aqua Park’s top attractions. Furthermore, the restaurant delivers a wide variety of non-alcoholic and house beverages in a tropical setting recreated by In-Home DJ Beats sounds.

The golden kiosk

Fruit and vegetables, cold lunches, combination dinners, and extraordinary beverages are available at Golden Kiosk for those who need a fast meal. So, you could even get some delicious ice cream there.

Shisha majlis and saj zaman

Shisha enthusiasts can visit the Saj Zaman Majlis. Moreover, in an Arabian Majlis atmosphere, the restaurant serves delicious Lebanese cuisine accompanied by a range of shisha flavors.

Attack on snacks

So, if you want fast food, or is it your children’s desire to need something rapid and tasty.  Additionally, food Bite is the spot to go for a delectable selection of pizzas, chips, sausage sandwiches, chicken wings, and hamburgers. Vegetables, snacks, and slushes are also available.


So, if you are going to Dreamland Aqua Park on the weekend, don’t skip out on the delectable international breakfast at the Atlantis. Moreover, this cafe in Dreamland UAQ delivers delicious Mediterranean fare, including unusual seafood that will tempt the gourmet in you.

Timings for Dreamland Aqua Park

This water sports park in Amman is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This provides you a solid 8 hours of splashing through into the water and surging down the water slides. Enjoy spending time with your family at this sparsely populated waterslide in UAQ.


Address: Al Ittihad Road/ Ras Al Khaimah Highway, Al Hawiyah, Al Hawiyah, Umm Al Quwain

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Also, which is becoming one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Therefore, if you would like to learn about a different element of Uae, you shouldn’t go. Even just a ten-minute journey first from a central city, you’ll reach Dreamland Aqua Park. You are, furthermore, boosted by an incredible profusion of natural beauty, peaceful calm, and great amenities that all team members will like to a maximum.

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