Amina Hospital

Amina Hospital seems to be a range of academic facilities with just a cutting-edge Crisis and Shock Hub, which acts as either a world center for emergency departments care.

Their 762-bed hospital features advanced surgeries, internal medicine, surgical centers, and other patient care.

The facility features specialized surgical, clinical, and emergency medicine units and operational theaters, and other healthcare coordinating services. Amina Hospital first opened to the public in March 1973. That has undergone modifications to keep up with increasing urbanization and visitor counts. This has been a Joint statement hospital since October 2007.

Amina Hospital provides sufferers with an emergency, in-patient, and out-patient care. The hospital is one of the fastest in the area because of its specialty shock and urgent care treatments.

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Business Motto of Amina Hospital

That hospital is based on brilliant minds and tireless effort. Their essential ideals include simplicity, affordability, economy, and humanism. However, Amina Hospital Sharjah in the UAE is more like a health clinic.

They have made the most significant medical system by trying every day to improve the lives of their patients and the general public by providing better medical services.

Furthermore, reducing technology and foreign specialists who’ve already obtained gemstone accreditation from influential organizations. Furthermore, they are pioneers and passionate experts in medicinal, cosmetic, and Sertherapeutic therapies in the Emirates.

Services of Amina Hospital

Amina hospital emergency services

The urgent situation Department strives to provide quick, emergency treatment to UAE residents and visitors. Their goal goes further than customers’ psychological, mental, and social elements. 

Furthermore, they are committed to providing the safety of patients while taking into account the diversity of the UAE’s multiethnic community, depending on widely recognized international developments. Moreover, the ambulances are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days per week, to handle all sorts of events and injuries for individuals of any age.

Accident and Orthopedics Areas

This division focuses on severe trauma and musculoskeletal (muscle tissue and joints). Individuals who have suffered this type of catastrophic injury must seek the assistance of a professional physician. Also, their orthopedic trauma surgeons have extensive experience with complex and delicate medical procedures, including restoring muscles.

Severe injuries that risk a person’s life especially demand a specialized and structured plan for immediate and subsequent care and removal to prevent disorientation and damage shockwave.

Plastic surgery area 

Cosmetic surgery, which is therapeutic, is intended to fix flaws in the physique. However, the plastic procedure is a subspecialty of healthcare that aims to change a person’s appearance through surgery and pharmacological therapies. Plastic operations are elective since fixed components generally function correctly but have a lower artistic beauty.

Cardiology department

The Cardiovascular Division at Amina Hospital in Ajman is attempting to cut, providing assistance to treat various heart conditions. Moreover, all heart subspecialties are offered, including a pediatric cardiologist, non-invasive cardiology, pulmonology, cardiac issues, and physiotherapy.

The Amina dentist has been in business for over 30 years. Also, its major diagnostic procedures are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which sets it apart from other hospitals in the neighborhood. As a result, people who report heart problems receive early therapy and are categorized.

Dentist department

Their objective at Amina hospital is to make sure you have a terrific service from the beginning of your dentistry operations. Consequently, they treat your issues and demands with zeal at every encounter to guarantee that you are as satisfied and happy with the outcome as possible.

Anti-Rotavirus Vaccination

Rotavirus is an infection that infects severe diarrhea in newborns and young children as young as five. Also, the disease produces vomiting and fever that can lead to thirst. The sickness could last somewhere between three to eight days. As a result, when a youngster is ill, they can refuse to eat.

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Branches of Amina Hospital

Amina medical center

Tel: 06 7033777

Email: [email protected]

Timings: from Saturday to Thursday it’s open from 9 am to 10 pm. But on Friday it remains closed.

Sharjah Corniche Medical Center

Address: Corniche Plaza II, Opposite the Marbella Resort, Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah United Arab Emirates

Tel: 06 575 1222

E-mail: [email protected]

Timing of Amina hospital

  • Amina hospital is open 24 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday it is open 24 hours a day.
  • It also opens 24 hours from Friday to Sunday.


Al Quds Street, Al Rashidiya, Ajman, UAE.

How to contact Amina Hospital

Telephone: +971 6 711 4444


Email: [email protected]

Map location

Al Quds St – Al Rashidiya 3 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates


Amina Hospital is regarded as being one of the greatest in Dubai. This center seems to be well, so all sections have the top physicians. It has concentrated on providing the finest possible quality healthcare. Also, It features a dedicated staff of medical doctors.

This hospital gave people a hygienic condition. Clinicians devote sufficient time to their patients and family members.

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