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Intro of the Company

Life is unpredictable. Noor Takaful is a leading name in Abu Dhabi which provides insurance services. It has offered fulsome life Takaful protection to customers since 1980. It has plans which are recognized worldwide. It has very caring, dedicated, and professional members.

Noor Takaful protects your family from life’s unexpected events. In addition to the Covid-19 coverage, the Pure Protection Cashback Plan provides several benefits. Furthermore, it includes coverage for foreigners in case of an accident when visiting the UAE. Operating for an extended period, Noor Takaful delivers a wide range of insurance coverage at a competitive price. Insurance products include motor, travel, household, and more.

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As one of the largest Takaful operators in the UAE, Noor Takaful’s unique range of medical Takaful plans can provide you and your family with protection against medical costs. The life protection plan from Noor Takaful helps you lead a secure and confident life. They ensure better protection for all your loved ones against many risks; the policies come with several benefits to choose from.

Their business motto

The main motto of Noor Takaful is to help and assist the people financially in the hardships of their customers. Moreover, whether you’re preparing for that newlywed honeymoon trip or just want an easy way to prepare for any eventuality, Noor Takaful travel insurance aims to help you out!

What they offer

Car Takaful at Noor Takaful

Car Takaful focuses on ensuring that you are well covered for loss or damage to your vehicle. And it provides instant access to free car washes. You can expect an immediate response in case of an accident or any other roadside need. Get your car payment down to zero, get up to 100% coverage, and get Roadside Assistance for life.

Noor Takaful Abu Dhabi will tailor your policy to fit you and your lifestyle. However, they offer Car Takaful, Motorcycle Takaful, Motorbike Takaful, Forklift Takaful, Construction Equipment Takaful and Tools of Trade (TOAT) Insurance. Call 800-Takaful (825 2385) for more information about their Car Takaful products.

Medical Takaful

The medical insurance program gives you more benefits at a lower premium. Noor Takaful Abu Dhabi has been serving the UAE community for over ten years. And is an accredited Department of Health Authority (DHA) Participating Insurer? 

Medical Takaful from Noor Takaful protects your medical needs with both primary and enhanced cover. Thus, this Takaful product is underwritten by Al Noor Takaful as an Islamic medical insurer, licensed by the Central Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Covid-19 coverage advantage

Apply for a plan soon to take maximum advantage of the Covid-19 coverage with the Pure Protection Cashback Plan by Noor Takaful.

Pure Protection Cashback Plan

We offer you the Pure Protection Cashback Plan for safe investments. Noor Takaful has the perfect solution for your Investment needs. The plan is simple, enjoyable, and it can provide much satisfaction to your family life. We are here to guide you in every step you take towards success!

The Pure Protection Cashback Plan is designed to protect your family. And the people closest to you with a host of benefits. Further, it features that help you live better and worry less. Take control and make use of the many ways the plan helps protect your family. in fact, it includes cashback based on health, age, gender, occupation, and medical history.

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Theft and life insurance

It doesn’t matter how much you love your family, your loved ones will always be tempting targets for foul play. That’s why theft insurance is so important. Theft coverage is there to protect you when you need it most because.

In addition, life insurance is designed to replace income or pay off debts in the event of your premature death. Moreover, theft coverage works by reimbursing any money that’s lost if items are stolen.

Travel Takaful

Don’t let unexpected mishaps ruin your vacation. Our travel solutions provide several perks and benefits. Furthermore, it includes a worldwide emergency medical treatment plan, a baggage delay supplement, swim cover for water sports or winter sports cover. With 24/7 emergency medical treatment and worldwide coverage, they will give you the peace of mind you deserve during your holiday.

Life and General Takaful products

Life Takaful provides protection to your family. Noor Takaful offers customers the best value for both their Life and General Takaful products.

Their contact 

Head office contact number:

Po Box is P.O.Box: 49998, Phone: +971 800 8252385, WhatsApp: +971 50 651 8475, Fax: +971 2 6674681, Abu Dhabi.

Website and social media links:

Website: https://www.noortakaful.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noortakaful.uae/

LinkedIn:  https://ae.linkedin.com/company/noor-takaful

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Branches address and head office Location

Head Office:

Dubai branch #1:

Level 4, Dubai World Trade Centre, the Offices 1 at One Central, PO Box 48883 – the United Arab Emirates

Dubai branch #2:

15th Floor, O-14 Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay

Abu Dhabi branch:

  1. M03, Mezzanine Floor, Al Ghahedi Tower, Airport Road, P.O.BOX 31857
  2. Ground Floor, Al Muroor Street, Sheikha Salma Building, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi

Sharjah branch:

King Faisal Road, Al Majaz, Sharjah

Ajman branch:

Level 12 Ajman Chamber of Commerce building, Corniche Ajman

The map location of head office is:


In short, Noor Takaful is listed in Insurance Companies & Agents and is located in Abu Dhabi UAE. At Noor takaful, takaful means Family. That’s why they’re committed to providing life protection benefits that cover all of your family’s needs.

 Furthermore, its medical expenses, household appliance repair, or even education fees. They even give you the flexibility to choose the amount of cover. Moreover, that best fits your needs with their Pure Protection Cashback Plan.

In addition, Noor takaful offers insurance coverage so it is flexible. So comprehensive it can be tailor-made to your requirements. Everyone must have coverage for their life! Get started today with the Pure Protection Plan from Noor Takaful.

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